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End(-less-) This Road Trip

Help is on the way.

Thanks for the picture, Flashfire!
Help is on the way. Thanks for the picture, Flashfire!

This has been a very disheartening road trip. The negativity jar could probably take a good chunk out of my daunting student loan debt. Fan confidence is plummeting. There seems to be no relief to the endless desert, but we feel like we can see an oasis somewhere in the distance. Granted, it's a day away, but it seems just so impossible to get to.

I know I usually have about 700 words on something or other to ramble at you, but I figured I'd share just a few things that have piqued my interest over the past little while.

First is this, written by our own Bryan Kilpatrick, AKA theoldgrizzlybear:

Rockies Retro: It Could Be Worse (AKA the Story of Kit Pellow)

By the way, I miss this column, and everybody should nag TOGB to write a few more of these, even if it's not a regular thing.

It could be worse. We could be the Arizona Diamondbacks, who mortgaged their entire future for Dan Haren and then fell on their faces, and now have had to accept pennies on their dollar of investment.

It could be worse. We could be the Kansas City Royals, whose writers have opined over the course of the season how sad it must be being Billy Butler, Zach Greinke, or Joakim Soria, who are arguably the best players on their team, and are going out there to do their job to ultimately no end. Also, their only real piece of reasonable trade bait hurt his finger or something and is out for the season. Oh, but hey, Alex Gordon is back!

It could be worse. We could be the Seattle Mariners, who, coming into the season, were hailed to be the most fun loving team on the face of the planet and a defensive marvel to challenge the 2004 Red Sox and the 2007 Rockies, have completely cratered, had to trade Cliff Lee, and are now fighting in the dugout. Upside: Russell Branyan.

Basically, we're reaching the point that I've been fearing for awhile: where we really need a big powerful winning streak fueled by magic and altitude and Keith Dugger and whatever else goes into this team when we get hot and awesome to watch. I am putting this out there: This team needs to get going again, because magic is just that, magic. You can't account for it, you can't plan on it, and we can't reasonably reacquire Jamey Carroll.

Before we dive into the daily linkdump, I'm gonna leave you with this last thought, posited by user Junction Rox, responding to allegations that the season was over (and yes, this went green):

You might want to tell the Mets and Tigers that their seasons are over. They are also on 2-8 runs right now.

The Yankees had a 5-10 run in May.

The Braves season apparently ended with their 9 game losing streak in April.

The Red Sox lost 5 of 6 right before the ASB, but that didn't matter because their 4-9 start probably ended their season by mid-April.

5 weeks ago the White Sox were below .500 thanks to a couple bad streaks early. Now they lead their division.

The Reds have had 2-7 and 2-8 streaks this year and got swept in Philly. Guess they're done.

The Angels? 2-8 streak in May. Done. They're sure gonna feel stupid about trading for Haren when they find out.

The Dodgers have a 2-7 streak, a 2-8 streak AND a 2-9 streak. Glad we don't have to worry about them anymore.

The Twins started July losing 7 of 9. Finished.

The Phillies had a 2-9 run and a 3-7 run in the first half, and started 1-6 after the ASB. I wish they would have known they were done before we got there. Maybe they would have blown it up, unloaded Halladay, Howard and Rollins and called up some prospects to face us.

The Giants have had 2-6 and 2-9 streaks. Done before the ASB.

The Cardinals? 1-6 and 3-9 runs in the first half. Their season was over before we humidored them out of that game at Coors.

The Rays lost 9 of 12 late in the first half. Time to trade Longoria.

The Rangers had 3 separate 3-8 streaks before the break. They must be in last place.

Even the damn, never lose Padres have had 2-6 and 3-6 streaks.

My point? And yes, I do have one. EVERY team goes through these streaks. And at the end of them, every teams' fans probably thinks that their team sucks and can't possibly contend. And if they were all right, the playoffs would be really damn short.

Links past the jump.

Angels boost rotation, acquire Haren from Arizona || John Marshall, Associated Press

I love you Dan Haren. Get out of my division now.

Torre was Harvey's first - and last - ejection || Associated Press

This is kind of neat. Much as umpires have become even bigger villains than normal, but stories like these tend to be fun.  I recommend you read This fanpost.

Tulo is coming back! || Troy Renck, Denver Post (via Twitter @TroyRenck)