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Rockies 2, Pirates 4: Yeah, About Getting Better When Returning To Coors

Lately writing game wraps for the Rockies has been a bit demoralizing. Who really wants to write about losing all the time (answer: Pirates and Detroit Lions bloggers)? Seven straight losses for the Rockies, 2-8 in the last 10 games. It's a bad stretch, or maybe the beginning of the end. I really don't know.

Brad Hawpe and Clint Barmes hit back-to-back homers in the fifth inning. Where is the offense the rest of the time? RISP tonight: 0-for-6. Also, six hits against the Pirates just isn't going to cut it. Hey, Ryan Spilborghs, what was that double that you tried to stretch into a triple? You made the first out at third base!

I just don't have much else to write.

Oh, wait. Doing the game wraps lately, it seems I always choose the one that makes the pitcher sad and demoralized after something bad happened.


51 - 49


Lost 7





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