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Rockies 2, Pirates 6: This Is Not A Game Wrap, But I Sure Do Wish I Was Back In Sicily Now

Ah, the gang on the road to Leonforte.
Ah, the gang on the road to Leonforte.

There was a baseball game tonight between the Rockies and the Pirates. The Pirates won, the Rockies lost. A lot of the usual stuff lately.

Oh, how I wish I was back in Sicily with Darrell, Dave, Tim, Lee, Didier, Anna, Bruno, John, Ryan, Col. John, Benoit, Jeff, Alan, and Cindy (though the last two aren't in the photo). No crappy Rockies baseball play, just the beautiful countryside of Sicily with some great individuals.

For several thousand dollars, I'll give anyone from PR a battlefield tour of Sicily. Let's make it a group thing, so we can share driving duties.



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