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Saturday Rockpile: One for the record books

Rockies pelt record book in 12-run eighth - Stats & Info Blog - ESPN
The Rockies set the following club records in last night's eighth inning barrage:

-Runs in an inning (12)
-Hits in an inning (13)
-Consecutive hits in an inning (11)
-Plate appearances in an inning (18)
-Extra-base hits in a game (12)

In addition, they also set and/or tied the following MLB records:

-Consecutive hits in an inning (11)
-Extra-base hits in an inning (8)

The amount of runs scored with two outs also has to be some kind of big league record, but I"m not able to find that anywhere. Can anyone back me up on that?

Rockies' 17-2 rout of Cubs one for record books - The Denver Post
Troy Renck and Jim Armstrong team up to provide more facts about the big inning as part of the game recap.

Trade talks dead on Aaron Cook between Cardinals and Rockies | All Things Rockies
It looks like Aaron Cook won't be moving at the trade deadline after all, as Troy Renck says the Cardinals and Rockies couldn't come to an agreement. The Cards are now focuses on Cleveland's Jake Westbrook. In addition, two AL Central clubs have inquired on Brad Hawpe, but the Rox are reluctant to deal him because of their current first base conundrum. It looks as if the only guy left on the 25-man roster that could be dealt is Randy Flores, which would make room for Matt Reynolds to join the big league bullpen.