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Thursday Rockpile: Chris Iannetta rescues Rockies this time, who's next?

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Who knew Denver could be so much fun? As a fan live at a game, there's hardly anything that gives more of a rush than the kind of comeback, walk-off win that the Rockies have had the last two nights. There is a hangover, however, as the morning after you also start to think about the causes that put the Rockies in those walk-off situations in the first place, and in this case, the inconsistency of Aaron Cook and Jeff Francis over the past two starts does leave a little anxiety. Anyway, so with a day game to get to (and prep a game thread for) and family that wants visiting , I'm running short on time, so this morning will just be link round-up.



On Todd Helton's injury, and the replacement that came up big yesterday:



On today's starter, Ubaldo Jimenez: