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Thursday Rockpile: QED? Quintanilla suspended for performance enhancers. Rockies barely breathing


Rockies Win

The Rockies have a chance of winning the series in New York and having a winning road trip with another victory this afternoon. It's a tall order, but, probably a necessary result to boost what's left of the team's playoff hopes. Which leads me to:



My own take on the season to date is that it's gone beyond the stage of worry/anxiety one way or the other, and if another comeback happens, I'll of course be thrilled and excited, but if it doesn't, I'm past getting upset over it. I also think that the Rockies, given their depth and past ability to run seasons through all the way to the end, are one team that could make another "miracle" playoff run happen. That said, I think that it's more productive spending analytical time on 2011 and beyond, areas where luck and chance will play less of a factor than the remainder of 2010.

The really good news on that front is that there may not be much the team needs to do to be competitive for coming seasons other than some streamlining and cosmetic fixes. Second base has become somewhat of a priority with Todd Helton's decline, but being in need of a fix for just one position is a much better point to be at than that of the bulk of our divisional competition.

Q and A 

Omar Quintanilla suspended for 50 games - Unfortunately, this seems to be a case where a positive test will hasten the end of a player's professional career. Quintanilla was barely holding on as it was.

More on potential draft signings and a Wall Street Journal blogger whiffing in their description of Miguel Olivo after the jump.

Kyle Parker Watch

The key takeaway for Rockies fans from Clemson's first football scrimmage of the fall should be that the Tigers quarterback is in ongoing negotiations with the Rockies. Parker's not going to walk away from a seven digit baseball contract, even as he continues his football career (for now). Parker will almost certainly sign by Monday's deadline. Peter Tago's even more likely (I'm expecting this one to be announced in the next day or two) and Hommy Rosado seems to be a decent possibility for coming into the fold.

As for the other HS/wait and see types, I'm not really expecting much. I'll update the FanPost on the right after I finish the Rockpile and start prepping today's game thread.

DINGERZ middle name is WHEELZ. Are you paying attention, WSJ?

This is a blog post about Jose Reyes' misplay on a Miguel Olivo steal attempt on Tuesday night. On the play in question, Olivo really did get a terrible jump -by all rights he should have been dead in the water and he should have a pretty miserable 5/5 SB/CS ratio right now- but what I don't like about the post is that it tries to give a general impression that Olivo's a typical slow running catcher. He doesn't have Dexter Fowler speed or anything, but as his five triples in each of the last two years indicates, there's some dishonesty in portraying him as a slug on the basepaths.