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Saturday Rockpile: 30 wins 'til Rocktober

I won't write much about "turning corners" today, as that didn't seem to work last weekend as the Rockies were in the midst of yet another losing road trip. Really, all I'm looking for at this point is a series victory over the Brewers and hopefully one - just one - game where the Rox jump out to a big lead and hold onto it for the duration. Consider that a challenge, dudes.

Links, though not many:

CarGo downplays talk of batting title | All Things Rockies
Carlos Gonzalez, a growing celebrity in his home country of Venezuela, is now batting .324 after going 2-for-4 last night. Both of his hits were doubles, raising his already-impressive slugging percentage to .573. Much has been made of CarGo's home/road splits, as well as his apparent inability to take a walk, but he's doing exactly what he needs to do to help his team down the stretch. Speaking of down the stretch...

Tracy: 31 wins needed for shot at playoffs - The Denver Post
Jim Tracy thinks the Rockies need 31 30 wins to have a snowball's chance in hell of making it to the playoffs. As Jim Armstrong notes, even with the decent stretches of ball the Rockies have had over the past couple of months, they were still only 25-23 in their last 48-game stretch. At least we got off on the right foot last night.

Also in the piece, Armstrong mentions Seth Smith's horrific August, which now has him sitting at 0-for-17 for the month. Getting back to Coors Field for a few games should help Mr. Late Night, but that is one guy the Rockies need to perform at a level he's accustomed to in order to hit the benchmark set by Mr. Tracy.

Baseball deadline looms for Clemson's Parker - Sports -
It sounds like all parties involved are sweating this one out until Monday's deadline. I have no choice but to believe everything that Rox Girl says on the matter. She thinks he'll sign, so I think he'll sign.

South Korean breaks world record for home runs – This Just In - Blogs
Somebody get O'Dowd on the phone...let's sign this guy for the stretch run.