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2010 Rockies draft signing deadline update: Kyle Parker wants deal done

Tonight at midnight is the deadline for major league teams to sign their 2010 draftees, the Rockies are awaiting word on first round selection Kyle Parker, as well as supplemental round pick Peter Tago. Here are the latest updates:

A Clemson beat writer tweets that Parker's on his way home to Augusta from football practice to negotiate with the Rockies, and that Parker says it's a "no-win" situation if he doesn't sign with the Rockies. While there's still ground in the negotiations to be made up, there's still a very very good chance the Rockies get this done tonight. Earlier, the Independent Mail's Greg Wallace gave this update with quotes from Parker.

Update: In another tweet by Travis Sawchik, Parker's father, Carl Parker, indicates that the two sides are still far apart and that he expects negotiations to go to the "12th hour"


It's a similar situation with Tago. Entering the weekend, Yahoo Sports' Kendall Rogers gave it a 70/30 chance that Tago signed with the Rockies rather than going to Cal State Fullerton, but those numbers actually seem low compared to what other people are saying, this one's still very likely going to fall in the Rockies favor.

UPDATE: Peter Tago signed for $982,500

Besides those two, the next major question mark would be with Hommy Rosado, a slugger who's committed to LSU-Eunice, and that's where things start to get considerably more doubtful, but there are a couple of indications that a deal might still get done with him. I haven't heard any word on other, later unsigned picks, and therefore wouldn't count on any of them signing before the deadline.

I'll update this post as more news comes out.