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Friday Rockpile: Never Back Down


The title should not imply that I'm about to give a preachy speech to those who declared this season over, because for one thing, it'd be silly to declare newfound hope based on one series sweep, but more importantly, I don't really take a position here in the first place. Things will happen the way they happen, and while I follow the day by day contextual shifts about where the team came from and where they are going, the two exist separately from one another. As I have expressed before: the past is only in indicator of patterns that can be applied to the future, not and actual predictor. So no "we'rebackintyhisgoshdarnit" from me today, just a friendly reminder that we've got a month left of baseball games to enjoy.

One of the most exciting things to enjoy will be our youngsters arriving from the baby leagues to introduce themselves. If we contend for the next two weeks, we're not likely to see much playing time from them with the likely exception of Matt Reynolds, who has firmly planted himself into our mainstream bullpen in just a week's time.

Several beat writers and other Rowbots here on the blog have discussed the September callup thing to death, but being the local transactions fanboy, I feel obligated to devote at least one rockpile in that direction, particularly because even though it's August 27th, those callups in a sense begin today.

*WolfMarauder randomly jumps off a cliff.*

Follooooooow meeeee!

As we learned from Troy Renck yesterday, RHP prospect Samuel Deduno was scratched from his start at AAA last night, and will be called up to the big leagues to replace the injured Manuel Corpas in the long relief role. Deduno was actually called up late last season as well, but didn't get into a game. He's spent most of this season hurt, but has gotten back on his feet in a starting role with the Sky Sox after a short rehab with the Dust Devils at Short A Season. Most of Deduno's work is probably going to come in the next week before the roster expansion, as Jeff Francis and Aaron Cook (who will start the makeup game against Philadelphia if his final rehab start tomorrow goes well) are both expected to return from the disabled list before season's end, those two together with Esmil Rogers and Jhoulys Chacin can fill only two rotation spots, with the other two likely taking over long man duty through season's end.

In that same article, Renck also notes that Greg Smith was removed from the 40 man Roster. Renck clarified via e-mail that his source implied it was an outright move as opposed to a designation for assignment. This opens up a third spot on the 40 Man Roster going into September.

He later confirmed via Twitter that Franklin Morales will also be called up. As of yesterday evening, he was unsure of the corresponding move. If they option Herrera, his option they tried to save for next year will be canceled.

As for who may be called up starting September 1st, those already on the 40 man Roster but not with the major league team are pitchers Edgmer Escalona, Greg Reynolds and Chaz Roe, catcher Michael McKenry and infielders Hector Gomez and Chris Nelson. Matt Daley is also on the roster, but on the 60 Day DL, meaning that he would have to occupy one of the open 40 man spots if activated. Nelson is a guarantee to be called up, while Reynolds, Roe and Gomez are extremely unlikely. Escalona's callup depends on how many bullpen arms the team needs (they're already likely to have more than enough once Cook, Francis and Buchholz are activated), while McKenry depends on whether or not Paul Phillips is purchased from AAA (and he may be called up anyway).

Candidates for callup not on the roster beyond the aforementioned Phillips include AAA outfielders Matt Miller, Cole Garner and Jay Payton, all of whom have had solid 2010 seasons, as well as first baseman Brad Eldred to bring some significant power from the right side. Again, we have three spots to play with there.'s Joey Nowak has written a piece on Matt Belisle, our biggest surprise breakout this year (Carlos Gonzalez and Ubaldo Jimenez's accomplishments are bigger, but less surprising I feel). I sure haven't been joking about my super dislike for Belisle lately. I wonder why. Yes, Andrew T. Fisher, we know you saw it coming. Precog.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Mayo (also of sets up Ubaldo's epic struggle for franchise record win #18. Attempt number four comes tonight. There's also a note about Seth Smith at the bottom.

I apologize if any of these links were dropped in yesterday's Rockpile. Rox Girl put a hex on it. Those of you who saw her earlier versions may know for sure.