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Tuesday Pebble Report: Brad Eldred Goes All Big Country In Loss

Colorado Springs, L 3-4
Esmil Rogers allowed one run through seven innings and then he allowed back-to-back singles to start the eighth. Andrew Johnston relieved him, only to allow three runs on a sac fly and a two-run double. Rogers struck out six.

Brad Eldred went 3-for-4 with two runs scored and a solo homer. Chris Nelson had a hit in his first appearance since July 27.

Tulsa, L 0-1
An RBI double in the second inning for Arkansas was all it took to win this contest. Brandon Durden allowed that one run and pitched six innings. He struck out four, walked one, and allowed six hits (four for doubles). Ching-Lung Lo allowed two hits over two innings of relief. On offense Radames Nazario and Matt Repec each had a double as part of their two-hit nights.

Modesto had the night off.

Asheville, W 8-7
Both Asheville and Hickory had three errors each, but only one of the 15 runs was unearned. Nolan Arenado (11, fielding), Eliezer Mesa (5, fielding), and Angelys Nina (16, throw) committed the errors. Jonathan Vargas allowed six runs over six innings, and Leuris Gomez allowed the other run. Rhett Ballard and Sheng-An Kuo kept Hickory off the board for the last two innings.

Arenado also had a double, two runs scored, two RBI, and two walks. Carlos Martinez hit two singles, drove in two, and stole two bases. Eliezer Mesa went 2-for-5 with a double, a run scored, and stolen base (24). Jared Clark went 0-for-4 with four strikeouts.

Tri-City, W 4-3
Josh Hungerman was on last night, striking out 10 and allowing a run in three hits in seven innings. Craig Benningson allowed an additional two runs in the top of the ninth. Hector Gomez had two hits and scored a run. Tri-City benefited from three Boise errors as only two of Tri-City's runs were earned.

Casper, W 7-5
Kenneth Roberts pitched four scoreless innings and scattered four hits. Vianney Mayo allowed three runs in the sixth inning and failed to complete the frame. Batters one through four were responsible for the offense last night. Corey Dickerson and Brett Tanos each drove on two; Cristhian Adames had three hits, two runs scored, and an RBI; and Rafael Ortega went 4-for-5 with three runs scored, and an RBI.