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Fall 2010 PuRPs List: #25-21

Yesterday I revealed prospects #30-26 on the Fall 2010 PuRPs list as well as those that just missed the cut. Today I'll unveil five more future Rockies ranked in order of the Purple Row community vote. Twenty-seven ballots were cast in this edition of the PuRPs poll, with 30 points being granted for a first place vote, 29 for second, etc.

When reading this list, remember that to be eligible for inclusion, prospects had to retain their Rookie of the Year eligibility (we're looking at you, Greg Reynolds).

For each player, I've included a link to their stats (via Baseball-Reference and Fangraphs), their relevant "tool scores" on a 1-100 scouting scale (which is explained here) per the Baseball Cube, their contract status (via Project Libra), their probable MLB ETA (assuming they do make the Show), and a note on their 2010 season. Something I should mention that I didn't yesterday is that the tool scores are based on a statistical formula rather than on scouting and are included to give you an idea of where that player's strengths are.


25. Cole Garner (180 points, 22 ballots) -- Stats -- Spring Ranking: 23

Garner, an outfielder for Colorado Springs this year who will turn 26 in December, is something of a late bloomer. Drafted in 2003 (26th round), Garner slowly made his way up the ladder, finally reaching the Springs this season after resigning with Colorado in minor league free agency. He certainly ran with the opportunity, posting a .304/.374/.520 line (126 wRC+), though as the tool scores below will tell you, he needs to work on his plate discipline.

Garner could certainly be a solid contributor to the Rockies next year in a reserve role, but the biggest downside with Garner is his contract situation -- namely, that he will be a free agent this offseason and can sign with another club. My gut is that he will stay if Colorado offers him a place on their 40 man roster this offseason (tendering him a major league contract).

Hit tools

Power: 79 Batting: 59 Speed: 68 Contact: 16 Patience: 13

Contract Status: Re-signed as MiLB FA 2010, will be FA in offseason, Rule 5 Eligible, three options remaining

MLB ETA: If he's back with the team, will be fighting for a reserve position next spring.


24. Thomas Field (187 points, 21 ballots) -- Stats -- Spring Ranking: NR

Field, a 23 year old middle infielder who played in High A Modesto in 2010, really saw his stock skyrocket with a great year at the plate (.284/.397/.466, 129 wRC+) and solid defensive play. I've heard Field's ceiling as Clint Barmes with less power but (a lot) more plate discipline. In any case, Field is a high-floor kind of player that, especially with his defensive utility, has a great shot at contributing to the Rockies sometime down the road in a reserve role.

Hit tools

Power: 61 Batting: 51 Speed: 72 Contact: 68 Patience: 74

Contract Status: 2008 Draft 24th round, Not Rule 5 Eligible, three options remaining

MLB ETA: 2013

23. Ben Paulsen (228 points, 21 ballots) -- Stats -- Spring Ranking: 29

Paulsen, a lefty first baseman this year for Modesto who will turn 23 in October, is seen by some as the heir to Todd Helton's spot (or at least in line to hold it a little while for a player in the top ten). The 2009 3rd rounder was skipped a level into High A ball this year and rewarded the Rockies with a .311/.353/.474 campaign (111 wRC+). If his power ceiling improves, then Paulsen really becomes a player to watch next year.

Hit tools

Power: 66 Batting: 62 Speed: 30 Contact: 58 Patience: 42

Contract Status: 2009 3rd round, Not Rule 5 Eligible, three options remaining

MLB ETA: Late 2012-Early 2013


22. Matt Reynolds (247 points, 24 ballots) -- Stats -- Spring Ranking: 21 

There's not much more that Reynolds, a lefty reliever who started the year in AAA and will turn 26 in October, could have done in the minors this year (which is why he got the call to the Show in August). In 55 innings of relief, Reynolds had a 2.16 FIP and a 10.96 K/9 ratio (4.19 K/BB). Most likely Rockies fans have seen Reynolds continue this impressive season in the majors, as he's tossed twelve effective innings this year for them. At this point, Reynolds is just about at his ceiling, hopefully providing Colorado with several years of cheap effective relief.

Pitch tools

Control: 88 K-Rating: 53 Efficiency: 77 vsPower: 47

Contract Status: 2007 20th round, 40 Man Roster, three options remaining

MLB ETA: Will have an inside track on a bullpen spot this spring.


21. Josh Slaats (254 points, 23 ballots) -- Stats -- Spring Ranking: NR

Slaats, a RH SP and 2010 draftee (5th round) for Tri-City who will turn 22 in December, didn't have much time in the minor leagues after signing in late June. However, he made the most of it, going 1-3 over eight starts (32.1 IP) with a 1.89 ERA (2.89 FIP) and most impressively, a 11.96 K/9 ratio (4.20 K/BB). His value as a prospect is tied to him sustaining his strikeout prowess and remaining in the starting rotation. If both of those variables remain true in 2011 it's likely that Slaats will move towards the top ten. Most likely he will not make the leap toward elite prospect, but the possibility that he does is pretty exciting.

Pitch tools

Control: 31 K-Rating: 72 Efficiency: 42 vsPower: 83

Contract Status: 2010 5th round, Not Rule 5 Eligible, three options remaining

MLB ETA: Late 2014


Tomorrow we'll delve into the second third of the Fall 2010 PuRPs list.