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Rockies 9, Padres 6: Bats take out frustrated revenge on Padres. There were no survivors.

I see October out there
I see October out there

Tulo hit two home runs. He Ca-HRUSHED those 2 home runs.

Downside: so did Adrian Gonzalez.

Both of those men are phenomenal at the game of based balls.

I'll be honest with everyone, I had to follow the game on gameday today and get updates on the more detailed plays from MariaM and Muzia, with special text appearances from FI#2 and Mondo.

Things that were awesome about today: Scoring 9 friggin runs off of Clayton Richard and that tough-as-old-chuck-roast San Diego bullpen. Honestly, that pitching staff is SO good and we made mincemeat out of them.

And who called it in the game thread writeup? It might look like Russ, but no!

/pulls back curtain

It was I all along, adding commentary and OPS splits for the two starters! Wa ha ha ha!

What we saw out of the two starters was pretty much what we expected. Jorge De La Rosa struck out a bunch of guys and walked barely anyone (stupid veterans taking their stupid walks), but gave up too many home runs (you know, more than zero). Richard got hit around a lot, but didn't really have a chance to walk. Nobody was waiting for Richard to settle in today, and it showed.

Great game, great win, go Rockies, F the rest of the division, etc etc etc.

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