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Fall 2010 PuRPs List: #20-16

So far, I've revealed prospects #30-26 and #25-21 on the Fall 2010 PuRPs list. Here is the third installment of the Purple Row community prospect list as ranked by 27 voters, with 30 points being granted for a first place vote, 29 for second, etc.

For each player, I've included a link to their stats (via Baseball-Reference and Fangraphs), their relevant "tool scores" on a 1-100 scouting scale (which is explained here) per the Baseball Cube, their contract status (via Project Libra), their probable MLB ETA (assuming they do make the Show), and a note on their 2010 season.


20. Albert Campos (268 points, 22 ballots) -- Stats -- Spring Ranking: NR

Campos, a 19 year-old right-handed starting pitcher for the rookie league Casper Ghosts, was very impressive in his US minor league debut this year, going 4-4 over 88 innings with a 2.05 ERA (3.08 FIP) and a 4.00 K/BB ratio. What makes these numbers more impressive is that he was pitching mostly against hitters that are older than him by 2-3 years. Has the potential to be great, but there's still a long road to the point where Campos contributes to the Rockies.

Pitch tools: none available

Contract Status: 2008 Amateur Free Agent, Not Rule 5 Eligible, three options remaining

MLB ETA: 2015

19. Mike McKenry (273 points, 26 ballots) -- Stats -- Spring Ranking: 11

McKenry, a 25 year old catcher who spent most of the year with Colorado Springs and now is on the Rockies' September roster, posted a .265/.328/.424 line (91 wRC+) in the minors, including severe home-road splits. McKenry is noted for being a solid defensive backstop and has MLB backup written all over him. Another high floor, low ceiling player.

Hit tools

Power: 81 Batting: 51 Speed: 37 Contact: 49 Patience: 74

Contract Status: 2005 Draft 7th round, 40 Man Roster, two options remaining

MLB ETA: Will be with the club in spring if Miguel Olivo's option is declined. Otherwise he will be in AAA.

18. Casey Weathers (287 points, 26 ballots) -- Stats -- Spring Ranking: 17

Weathers, a 25 year old right-handed relief pitcher who spent most of the year in High A Modesto coming back from Tommy John surgery, had a tough 2010 campaign. In a shortened (read: SSS) year, Weathers showed strikeout stuff (13.6 K/9) but also a lack of control (6.5 BB/9). If he regains his form and harnesses his filthy stuff, which unfortunately is a considerable if, Weathers not only has closer potential, but All-Star closer potential. That's a level he'll have to reach in order to justify the Rockies spending the 8th overall pick on him in 2007.

Pitch tools

Control: 35 K-Rating: 100 Efficiency: 100 vsPower: 84

Contract Status: 2007 Draft 1st round, Rule 5 Eligible, three options remaining

MLB ETA: 2012

17. Will Swanner (341 points, 25 ballots) -- Stats -- Spring Ranking: NR

Swanner, an 18 year-old catcher for Casper, signed very late in the season (mid-August), but wasted no time making a splash. The 2010 15th rounder posted a .303/.321/.632 (!!) line over 78 PAs against pitchers much older than him. That's an ISO of .329, a wOBA of .400, and a 133 wRC+ for a catching prospect against more advanced pitching, folks. The power potential alone is fantastic, but the fact that Swanner is a catcher really makes me excited for his encore performance. There are warts, of course, including his sky-high strikeout rate (43.4%) and non-existent walk rate (0). In other words, Swanner needs to work on his pitch selection.

Hit tools: none available

Contract Status: 2010 Draft 15th round, Not Rule 5 Eligible, three options remaining

MLB ETA: 2015

16. Tim Wheeler (346 points, 24 ballots) -- Stats -- Spring Ranking: 8

Wheeler, a 22 year old left-handed outfielder who spent the year with Modesto, had a disappointing year at the plate for someone whose defense projects more as a corner outfielder than a center fielder (despite his decent speed). His .247/.339/.382 (91 wRC+) line and 22% K rate need to be improved, though his 22 steals are a positive sign. It's too early to give up on Wheeler, who has great tools and a high ceiling, but he's definitely a guy that I could see flaming out and not even making the Show. Hopefully he does figure it out.

Hit tools

Power: 66 Batting: 68 Speed: 87 Contact: 63 Patience: 40

Contract Status: 2009 Draft 1st round, Not Rule 5 Eligible, three options remaining

MLB ETA: 2013


PuRPs #15-11 will be revealed tomorrow.