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Saturday Rockpile: More praise for the Rockies' superstar shortstop

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I hear the Rockies are playing a game today, but I can't prove it (with video evidence, at least). Here are a few links for your Rox-less Saturday:

Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki is mashing home runs at a record pace in September - ESPN (Insider only)
Buster Olney got some pretty awesome quotes from a few unnamed scouts regarding our star shortstop.

"To me, he's the standard right now, for all shortstops," the evaluator said. "There's nobody better defensively; he should win the Gold Glove. When he gets locked in at the plate, he's just so dangerous because of his power."

"It's like the Rockies have Ray Lewis playing shortstop. He's that kind of player, and leader."

"He wants that pressure," said the talent evaluator. "He wants to be the guy who comes up with runners on base and the game on the line. There are lot of players who say they want that, but they really don't. But he wants that."

All great stuff. Last night, Tulo hit his 12th home run of the month, which passed Ralph Kiner for the all-time mark through the first 15 games of September. Kiner hit 11 in 1949.

Postseason Odds--BP
With last night's win, the Rockies' playoff odds (courtesy of Baseball Prospectus) increased to 28.8% - a seven-point increase from the day before.

Cargo playing through pain - The Denver Post
Carlos Gonzalez has tendinitis in his right thumb and wrist, but still keeps chugging along. He singled, and perhaps more importantly, drew two walks ahead of Tulowitzki, last night. It's nice to see the better selectivity from CarGo, and I'd like to see it continue once his injuries heal.

Audio: Jack Clark Says Cards Have "Poopy Pants"
The former Cardinal absolutely RIPPED Tony LaRussa and the boys. Clark referred to the team as qutters, as well as saying that they have skidmarks in their britches. I LOL'd.