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Thursday Rockpile: Rockies momentum knocked flat by their bats

There is no team in the National League that performs as poorly on offense as the Rockies do at AT&T Park. It's also interesting to me to note that the three worst performing offenses at AT&T this season, the Rockies, Phillies and Cardinals, are three of the four best performing teams at Coors Field in 2010.

Not serious side note - could the reason that the Giants are so suspicious of the Rockies and the humidor have something to do with the way they themselves have suppressed the offenses of playoff caliber offenses? I mean, it takes one to know one, right?

At any rate, the Giants did themselves a favor in the standings by winning this series and putting the brakes on the Rockies charge. The Rockies, meanwhile, continue to shoot themselves in the foot on the road by not having more than one, or if we're lucky two, quality at bats in succession. The Rockies went zero for six last night in the AB immediately following a teammate reaching safely. Overall in the series they hit safely four out of 23 times in those AB's, with an HBP, one sac fly, and zero walks. Just one of those hits was for extra bases, Carlos Gonzalez's game winning triple on Monday night. That's a .174/.200/.240 line for those curious. 

So it should be no surprise the team isn't scoring if we're only seeing one guy get on base in an inning. You can't rally if a rally never starts. Again, we're left to ponder why exactly, we're seeing this situational meltdown on the road.