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Fall 2010 PuRPs List: #10-6

In four installments so far I've revealed  prospects #30-26 , #25-21#20-16, and #15-11 on the Fall 2010 PuRPs list. Here is the fourth installment of the Purple Row community prospect list as ranked by 27 voters, with 30 points being granted for a first place vote, 29 for second, etc.

With these five prospects we're finally getting into some players who have star potential and a decent chance of recognizing that potential at the major league level. Four of these players either were signed or began their MiLB careers this year.

For each player, I've included a link to their stats (via Baseball-Reference and Fangraphs), their relevant "tool scores" on a 1-100 scouting scale (which is explained here) per the Baseball Cube, their contract status (via Project Libra), their probable MLB ETA (assuming they do make the Show), and a note on their 2010 season.


10. Rafael Ortega (556 points, 27 ballots) -- Stats -- Spring Ranking: NR

Ortega, a 19 year-old lefty outfielder who played for Casper this season, made a smashing US minor league debut. Facing pitchers older and more advanced than him, Ortega dominated to the tune of a .358/.416/.510 clip (that's a .416 wOBA and 144 wRC+). He's obviously a refined offensive player (a little lacking in power) and scouting reports have him as an above-average fielder in CF. Ortega's a long ways away, but if his performance continues to meet his potential at higher levels, he could really blossom into the top prospect in the system. 

Hit tools: none available

Contract Status: Amateur Free Agent 2008 (VE), Not Rule 5 Eligible, three options remaining

MLB ETA: 2014


8 (tie). Kyle Parker (576 points, 26 ballots) -- Stats -- Spring Ranking: NR

Parker, a 21 year old righty outfielder who also happens to be Clemson's starting QB this year, was the Rockies' first round pick in 2010. Here's a scouting report on Parker from and a pre-draft report from SB Nation blog MLB Bonus Baby. From the looks of it, Parker is very disciplined at the plate and has lots of power potential, though his actual hit tool is questionable. There's no doubt about it: Parker is raw from not focusing on baseball (and he won't until football is done this year). If he puts it all together, Parker could be the next Matt Holliday, but there's a distinct chance that he's Drew Henson (worst case) or Brad Hawpe (more likely) instead. 

Hit tools

Power: 80 Batting: 39 Speed: 24 Contact: 35 Patience: 62

Contract Status: 2010 Draft 1st round, Not Rule 5 Eligible, three options remaining

MLB ETA: 2014


8 (tie). Chad Bettis (576 points, 26 ballots) -- Stats -- Spring Ranking: NR

Bettis, a 21 year-old right-handed starting pitcher who threw for Tri-City and Asheville this year, was thoroughly impressive, rewarding the Rockies for using him as a starter and not out of the bullpen (where he pitched at Texas Tech). Bettis threw 67 innings over two levels in 12 starts and posted an incredible 1.07 ERA (2.21 & 2.56 FIP over two levels) with a 4.31 K/BB ratio. He has a deadly fastball, but needs to work on his off-speed stuff if he wants to be as successful at higher levels. If Bettis returns to the bullpen, he'll probably reach the Show but his prospect value will plummet. As a starter, his value is quite high.

Pitch tools: the tools at the Cube for Bettis are misleadingly low (possibly from college) and don't reflect his performance or scouting reports.

Contract Status: 2010 Draft 2nd round, Not Rule 5 Eligible, three options remaining

MLB ETA: Late 2013 as starter or Late 2012 as a reliever

7. Charlie Blackmon (590 points, 26 ballots) -- Stats -- Spring Ranking: 12

Blackmon, a 24 year-old lefty outfielder who played for Tulsa this season, put together a great campaign (.297/.360/.484, 132 wRC+) in the Texas League. The 2008 draftee showed off his prodigious skills, stealing 19 bases and hitting 11 home runs while reducing his K% and increasing his BB%. Blackmon will probably be on the radar for a late 2011 (or earlier) call-up if he takes another step forward in AAA next year.

Hit tools

Power: 45 Batting: 94 Speed: 83 Contact: 93 Patience: 19

Contract Status: 2008 2nd round, Not Rule 5 Eligible, three options remaining

MLB ETA: Late 2011


6. Peter Tago (591 points, 27 ballots) -- Stats -- Spring Ranking: NR

Tago, a soon-to-be 19 year old right-handed starting pitcher who has yet to throw his first professional pitch, has a loose arm action (good for injury prevention) and great movement on his pitches, particularly his outstanding fastball. Don't take my word for it: look at Tago's draft video here and here. This kid could be a star or he could flame out. Only time will tell.

Pitch tools: not available

Contract Status: 2010 Draft Supplemental 1st round, Not Rule 5 Eligible, three options remaining

MLB ETA: 2015


The top 5 PuRPs as voted by Purple Row will be revealed tomorrow.