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Friday Rockpile: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Your regularly scheduled Friday Rockpile has been received via Nightmare Telegram.

From the desk of WolfMarauder,

Long game, two airplane flights for team STOP

Rockies tired, bullpen wobbly STOP

Fans disappointed, blog exhausted STOP

Where's my aspirin STOP

Is this a dream STOP

Why is a phalaenoptilus in my coffee STOP


Oh, sorry. I think last night's game melted my brain. Or rather reading last night's box score did; I missed a lot of it. I did see the seventh. If that wouldn't enough for me to please insanity in defense of every Rowbot on the blog under trial for any crime, it should be. Even for me, Mr. I'm-Not-THAT-Into-It-Pants.

If I could put an emphasis on the "Bang" part of my title, I would. That's what I'm sure everyone will remember about today, particularly if the team is sitting at home in October. It was an upsy downsy, topsy-turvy ride though. Or maybe I just picked that title because things seem pretty noir right now.

Aaron Cook will be activated today as Padres debut young prospect Cory Luebke.

September callup watch: with Cook activated, we will have 29 active players on the roster, with 9 more inactive, leaving two open roster spots. Manuel Corpas will likely be transferred to the 60 Day DL at some point, opening up a third.

Assorted links after the jump. I wonder if anyone actually clicks on them. Let's find out.

Not a lot of articles in Rockieland (seriously, Friday has got to be the least active weekday in terms of new journalistic content online) short of various recaps of the game. Also this AP story about Manny Delcarmen.

Here's a short article by's Joey Nowak about Jim Tracy's ejection last night.

Here are a couple of interesting articles about other relevant MLB topics:
- Alex Remington of Fangraphs has some interesting things to say about Nyjer Morgan.
- Daniel Moroz of Beyond the Box score looks at walks and strikeouts can affect players' productivity.