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Fall 2010: Top 30 PuRPs Polling Thread

Time once again for the Purple Row Prospects (PuRPs) poll. List your top 30 Rockies prospects (those players in the system that haven't exhausted their Rookie of the Year eligibility) in order.

Scoring is done in reverse order of placement, 30 points for a first place vote, 29 for a second, etc... To avoid vanity picks manipulating the scoring, players only get partial credit until they appear on five ballots (the total points will be multiplied by .2 if they're on just one ballot, .4 if on two, etc...)

Partial ballots aren't going to be accepted, so if you're having trouble remembering prospects, I encourage you to use this site's resources. The discussion in the following threads should be a helpful starting point:

Also, I'd be happy to answer questions about individual prospects in the Pebble Reports or on Twitter (@KendallRocksOn) and I know that David Hood does as well (@davidchood). Please do not ask questions about prospects in this thread. General commentary about individual ballots (as long as it's following TOS guidelines and is kept civil) is acceptable.

At this time, the plan is for polling to be kept open through Monday (Sept 6th) and close at midnight, MDT, however we could extend it another day given that the Labor Day weekend might keep potential voters away.