Asheville Scouting Trip 2010

As many of you know, I recently spent several days in Asheville, North Carolina and was able to catch four Tourist games as they made their playoff push. Since the state of NC doesn't believe in high definition (and I only brought one tape with me) I was only able to film a few of the more intriguing prospects. What follows are several compilation videos of Tyler Matzek, Delta Cleary, Eliezer Mesa, Wes Musick, and my boy, Nolan Arenado.

I also have footage of Angelys Nina, Tyler Massey and Joey Wong. Perhaps they will be thrown into a future fanpost. Enjoy what I have posted, please feel free to ask questions about individual players or practice your scouting eye!

(Thanks to the amazing Silverblood for her hospitality! She really does have the coolest job on the planet.)

Tyler Matzek Pitches An Inning (Mound and Batter View)

Tyler Matzek Pitches An Inning (Mound Closeup View)

Wes Musick Pitches An Inning

Eliezer Mesa Takes At Bats

Delta Cleary Takes At Bats

Nolan Arenado Takes At Bats

(and for my personal favorite moment of the trip...)

Nolan Arenado Hits A Walkoff HR

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