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Saturday Rockpile: Happy New Year! Kyle Parker Injured, Carlos Gonzalez Update

Happy New Year to all, from your friends at Purple Row. I hope 2011 brings you good fortune.

Not much news to report, but there are a couple of things...

Rockies prospect Kyle Parker suffers broken ribs |

Very unfortunate news for the Rox and their first round draft pick in 2010, but as holly96 said in yesterday's Rockpile, there are much worse injuries out there, so let's be thankful that he didn't tear an ACL or something. I imagine Parker will still be ready to go when the start of the season rolls around, but it's a situation that's definitely worth monitoring.

Rox not confirming reports of a CarGo deal |

According to Thomas Harding, there is still no indication that the Rockies have agreed to an extension with Carlos Gonzalez, despite reports of CarGo being on his way to Denver to have "an emergency meeting" with club officials. I'm still firmly on the side of those who would be shocked if this deal gets done before the season starts. I just don't see Scott Boras allowing it to happen. But, as someone mentioned yesterday, normally where there's smoke, there's fire; it has to be a little more than coincidental that all of these reports keep surfacing about a deal being done/close to done. The number that keeps getting thrown around out there is 7 years/$80MM - a downright bargain if CarGo continues to play anywhere close to the level that he has for the past year and a half.