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Tuesday Rockpile: Carlos Gonzalez to Officially Sign Today

There is no turning back now. The Colorado Rockies will hold a press conference today at 2PM MT to announce the finalization of a 7-year, $80.5 million contract with outfielder Carlos Gonzalez. On one hand, the announcement will cement the Rockies' place as the league's biggest spenders this offseason, arguably the league's biggest risk-takers. On the other, it will also put the club's two most marketable hitters in purple pinstripes through their primes.

Much has been said on both sides of the issue since it was initially announced just over a week ago, yet we still do not know the breakdown of Gonzalez' yearly salary. That should come to light today, and Purple Row should be all over it. Unfortunately, I won't be, as I will be working outside all day, where it is currently -17 freaking degrees. So I'll leave you with a link dump, because I need to start putting on twelve layers.


Rockies' Tulowitzki fired up about Carlos Gonzalez's decision - The Denver Post Well of course he is. The likelihood of "Troy and Toddlers" looks to be out the window. Rockies fans should like Huston Street's take:

"When Tulo is in the lineup, CarGo is better, and when CarGo is in the lineup, Tulo is better," closer Huston Street said. "It makes somebody look at the Rockies and go, 'That's a place I might want to go.' "

Rockies sign reliever White for bullpen depth | All Things Rockies — The Denver Post White is a 29-year-old right-handed reliever who posted a 5.24 ERA in Seattle last year. Renck is quick to point out his 2.80 ERA in 2009. The reason for the ERA hike? Other than winning gold medals in Vancouver in February? It wasn't his low strikeout rate, which went unchanged.

Vinny Castilla retires from winter ball | News The Cousin retired from the Hermosillo Orange Growers after they were eliminated from the winter ball playoffs.

Fantasy Baseball: John Sickels' B Rated Prospects for 2011 - FakeTeams
Ray Guilfoyle brings back one of the classic Rockies pictures in outlining the top "B prospects" around the league.

PADRES: New shortstop Bartlett avoids arbitration, signs two-year deal The shortstop signed for 2-years and $11million. Interesting in that their new second baseman, Orlando Hudson, also signed for 2-years and $11.5million. While it isn't a criticism of the trade, Adrian Gonzalez was set to make $6.3million this year.

Around the division: The offseason of the Los Angeles Dodgers - McCovey Chronicles
Just because everyone should read Grant from time to time.


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