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Thursday Rockpile: Amezaga = AAA gemz

Rockies make another deal for depth - The Denver Post

Yeah, it's not super exciting, but Alfredo Amezaga's another helpful piece on a minor league contract with a NRI. It's peculiar that the Denver Post ties this into Jason Giambi's re-signing, though, as that would imply that before Giambi came back, the Rockies weren't interested in Amezaga or this type of super-utility player, when I've been under the impression that the Rockies have liked players like this for some time now.

Alex Anthopoulos, Theo Epstein are top stars of the winter - Jon Heyman -

The baseball stars of this winter include four of the five general managers in the American League East. Yes, that's every one of them except for that poor GM who has four World Series rings

...and yet Jon Heyman includes Yankees ownership as #3 for overpaying a set-up man to give the AL East five for five. Seriously. If bullpen makeovers were so valuable, I would think Arizona or Oakland would get more attention, even Detroit. So saying that, I don't know how much credit we can give to anything on this list. Keep that in mind before getting too pleased that Dan O'Dowd is rated fourth.


Los Angeles Angels, Jered Weaver open contract extension talks - ESPN Los Angeles -I include this because Scott Boras was also one of Heyman's winners, and the Angels will have to deal with him to sign Weaver. The Angels and Boras have a particularly acrimonious relationship yet this article is hopeful because of the precedent set by Carlos Gonzalez


Rosenthal: Rockies still looking | Inside the Colorado Rockies - We already nabbed Amezaga, and Miles is now out of the running, so look for another minor league starter (like Rodrigo Lopez) or two and a LOOGY to fill out the team's depth needs. With the 40 man roster already filled to the point of overflowing, these signings would show that while O'Dowd says it takes 40 players to be competitive, he means it actually could take 50 or so.

Off Topic


2011 top 10 prospects: Colorado Rockies and San Diego Padres - The Hardball Times

Matt Hagen takes a less than informed and overly dismissive look at Rockies prospects. For example, Wilin Rosario's arm has consistently been among the best in the minors at throwing out baserunners to the point that he's now also one of the least frequently run on catchers, and while I am worried how the ACL recovery will impact his improvement in his one weakness, pitch blocking, his defense is more than "passable". Hagen's inability to understand power development is also leading him to make a similar mistake with Nolan Arenado that he implies he made with Rosario (calling 2010 a breakout for Rosario indicates that Modesto park and age effects may have limited his ability to see Rosario's true talent level in 2009) as the power potential of Arenado looks very real at this point.


Jose Lopez, Prospect - Lookout Landing 

I've already been on the record in stating that I think Jose Lopez is going to have a big breakout in 2011. If I'm right, I'm guessing that said breakout will be entirely attributed to Coors Field when that will only be one big part of why it could occur. Moving out of Safeco will be an equally big part, and lesser parts will likely include the "change of scenery", the contract season, and likely at least a little bit of a change in how Lopez approaches his at bats. At any rate, Jeff Sullivan takes a retrospective look at what Lopez was like as a prospect for the Mariners, and his big takeaway is that there has been no progression, except for in maybe Lopez's belt size. And the amount of Lopez themed GIF's, but that's probably a function of the market: