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Saturday Rockpile: Windsor a Potential Destination for Ghosts?

Get ready to see this cleanly-shaven face on TV today.
Get ready to see this cleanly-shaven face on TV today.

Twitter / Troy Renck, Rockies:

I have heard they could move that Casper team to outside of Windsor along I-25 where new hotel chains have popped up. But can't confirm it

I imagine that would make our Fort Collins-area contingent pretty satisfied. We started this in the comment section of Rox Girl's post from yesterday regarding the purchase of the team by a group involving the Brothers Monfort. However, I'll continue it by putting up a poll since it's a slow day. Where would you like to see the Rockies' Rookie League team moved (if they even actually relocate)?

Rockies’ CarGo Gillette ads will run during NFL playoffs | All Things Rockies — The Denver Post
This was also mentioned in yesterday's Rockpile, but look for CarGo to appear on your television screen during the Saints/Seahawks playoff game later today. At least there will be something awesome to relieve us from the snoozefest that is the NFL.

Matt Murton makes it happen in Japan - ESPN's Anna Katherine Clemmons has a fascinating piece on former Rockie Matt Murton's first year in Japan - a year in which he broke Ichiro's single season hits record.

Baseball Blogs Weigh In: Beltre, Angels, Dodgers: MLB Rumors -
As I mentioned in the comments section of yesterday's Rockpile, Purple Row (and more specifically, Jeff Aberle) got a nod from MLB Trade Rumors for his take on the Carlos Gonzalez extension, which is a terrific read (especially for a Rockpile).