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Tuesday Rockpile: Russell Wilson Shows Loyalty to Rockies, Sort Of

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Life is good as a sports fan in Wisconsin. Your pro football team looks every bit the reigning Super Bowl champion they are, sprinting out to an undefeated season.  Your pro baseball team lost home field advantage in the NLCS yesterday when Shaun Marcum got shelled, but the Brewers have won their first division championship in 29 years and have already set a franchise record in wins. Your college football team is a national title contender, and the quarterback that fell in your lap is a serious Heisman Trophy candidate.

Wisconsin is essentially the inverse of Colorado; perhaps the Milwaukee Bucks will be crowned 2012 nonseason NBA champions. It would be awfully tempting to jump with both feet into the Wisconsin bandwagon. Hell, I am. Don't judge me. My uncle lived there, I have friends at the Madison campus and I love cheese.  Said Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson won't be joining me on the Brewers bandwagon though, at least not publicly.

"I did watch the (Brewers) game (on Sunday). It's pretty exciting, being here in Wisconsin. All the teams are doing great. I'm still affiliated with the Rockies, so, technically, I'm not really supposed to jump on the bandwagon of the Brewers." - Russell Wilson

So Wilson still has a bit of loyalty towards the Rockies, though it seems out of obligation. It is looking increasingly likely that Wilson will no longer be a Rockie in a few months, and while losing a 4th round draft pick with his athleticism is no doubt a loss, Wilson was far from a sure thing as a baseball prospect.



Nelson Cruz's grand slam in 11th sends Rangers by Tigers, 7-3 - The Denver Post The Rangers right-fielder played superhero yesterday, giving Texas a 2-0 series lead with a walk-off grand slam in the 11th inning. He also hit a game tying solo home run in the seventh inning to force extra innings.

Measuring Pace of Games Using Time Per Pitch - Beyond the Box Score Not surprisingly, the Yankees and Red Sox are at the top of the list. The Dodgers are every bit as close, with the Rockies ranked fifth. That's probably half due to Coors Field, half due to Rafael Betancourt.

Golden anniversary: NL expansion draft Yesterday was an anniversary for the Rockies twofold. Most notably, Troy Tulowitzki turned 27. It also was the 3,000 day anniversary of Larry Walker's 100th career home run.

The Arizona Fall League: a hitchhikers guide for Rockies fans - Purple Row Make sure you check out Charlie's fanpost. In times of undesirable results with the big club, it is always nice fall back on the excitement of prospects, and there are a few that qualify in the Arizona Fall League. Charlie visited and got video of several of them. Prospects: Rankings: League Top 20 Prospects: 2011 Pacific Coast League Top 20 Prospects The Rockies' AAA club was shut out of last year's rankings, but this season, they placed two Sky Sox on the list, even though both were promoted to MLB midseason. LHP Rex Brothers and OF Charlie Blackmon will both be in the Rockies' plans next season.

Arizona Diamondbacks: Sustainable Success? | FanGraphs Baseball Marc Hulet says what we strongly suspect: yes.

Baseball Prospectus | Kiss'Em Goodbye: Arizona Diamondbacks Ben Lindbergh and Kevin Goldstein are also bullish on the Diamondbacks' future, but warn of a fairly weak offense backed by a very shallow position prospect pool in the minors. The Diamondbacks' ZiPS projections for 2012 suggest a finish between 75 and 90 wins.