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Transactions Notes 10/6/11 - 10/12/11 Plus Rule 5 Eligibility

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Since last week, the Rockies have undergone another slow period of roster adjustment. After making roster space by outrighting six players, the team filled one of those spots with Andrew Brown, claimed off waivers yesterday from the Cardinals, the only organizational transaction of the week. The corner utility player is on the old side for a rookie MLB player. He has two option years left, and with only 15 days of MLB service, is a long way from leaving the pre-arbitration phase. He's a cheap, controllable utility option, and for more information on where Brown could potentially contribute, check out Rox Girl's discussion in today's Rockpile.

The 40 Man Roster now stands at 36 players, with five players on the 60 Day Disabled List and one (Eliezer Alfonzo) on the Suspended List. I haven't seen any signs that the Rockies will not be releasing Alfonzo before the Reserves Deadline, but the addition of Brown once again sets up an overpopulation on the disabled list, putting the pressure back on the team to figure out who else will be cut before November 20th when the 40 Man rosters must be finalized. Keep in mind that the tender deadline is still after this period, meaning the Rockies are still going to need to remove at least one more player from the 40 Man Roster before contracts are tendered, and indeed they're going to have to remove more if they want to protect anyone from the Rule 5 Draft, which they will. The roster crunch is done, but the Rockies are still going to need to outright or release another wave of players before late November.

Two weeks ago during another slow week, I talked about this year's impending class of minor league free agents (a list that now includes Matt Daley and Jose Morales, outrighted from the roster last week with no minor league contracts existing beyond the end of the 2011 season). This week, I will produce the current list of minor league players who have time remaining on their contracts that will be eligible for being taken in the draft this year. A quick refresher on the Rule 5 draft: eligible players are all of those who have been in the organization for five or more years, as well as those who were older than 18 when signed four years ago. That means that every player signed in 2007 or earlier is eligible, and most from the class of 2008 are too.

For the complete list, check after the jump.

- OF David Christensen
- RHP Will Harris
- RHP Juan Gonzalez
- RHP Andy Graham
- RHP Michael Marbry (possible free agent, signed an unusual MiLB contract with the Rockies in 2007, details unknown)
- IF/OF Matt McBride
- RHP Greg Reynolds (outrighted off the roster last week after four seasons on the 40 Man Roster)
- OF Scott Robinson
- IF Ryan Rohlinger (outrighted off the roster in September)
- RHP Rafael Suarez
- LHP Jonathan Vargas
- IF Helder Velazquez
- LHP Keith Weiser

- IF Cristhian Adames? (signed very late in 2007, but I am leaning towards it still counting; however, if he defaults to 2008 somehow, he's protected as being under 18)
- RHP Albert Campos
- OF Juan Crousset
- C Lars Davis
- OF Robert De La Cruz
- RHP Marco Duarte
- IF Brad Emaus (former Rule 5 selection)
- RHP Raul Fernandez
- RHP Ricardo Ferrer
- RHP Parker Frazier
- LHP Isaiah Froneberger
- RHP Nelson Gonzalez
- IF Darin Holcomb (plans to retire)
- RHP Sheng-An Kuo
- RHP Vianney Mayo
- OF Michael Mitchell
- IF Angelys Nina
- C Michael Ramirez
- OF Brian Rike
- RHP Cory Riordan (outrighted off the roster last week after being protected from the draft at last year's Reserves Deadline)
- IF Warren Schaeffer
- C Beau Seabury
- OF Francisco Sosa
- RHP Daniel Turpen (former Rule 5 selection)
- RHP Joey Williamson

- LHP Craig Bennigson
- LHP Edwar Cabrera
- IF James Cesario
- RHP Alan DeRatt
- RHP Stephen Dodson
- LHP Christian Friedrich
- RHP Dan Houston
- RHP Adam Jorgenson
- IF Kiel Roling
- RHP Chad Rose
- RHP Aaron Weatherford
- IF Erik Wetzel
- RHP Kurt Yacko
- IF/OF Mike Zuanich

Friedrich and Cabrera remain the frontrunners for protection; space WILL be made for them unless they're traded before the deadline. There are several fringe candidates that could be protected if there's room, which may or may not include Parker Frazier, Mike Zuanich, Dan Houston and Angelys Nina, with Cristhian Adames as well if he is indeed eligible. Albert Campos is a name to watch; one of the organization's significant pitching prospects, Campos is dealing with injury and may not be protected for that reason. Brad Emaus and Daniel Turpen are both former Rule 5 selections, and could potentially attract interest again. The absolute dark horse candidates for future protection include Adam Jorgenson, whose disappointing 2011 pretty much ruined his prospect status, Kurt Yacko, who has done well for several seasons in our organization but has never been deemed much of a prospect internally, and Nelson Gonzalez, who had an excellent 2011 as both a starter and a reliever/closer, but has only played domestic pro ball for two short seasons and has a lot of room to grow and/or fall.

The draft itself takes place on the final day of the Winter Meetings, December

The following 2008 signees were 18 or younger when signed, meaning that they are NOT YET ELIGIBLE FOR THE DRAFT:

- OF Delta Cleary Jr.
- IF Miguel De Leon
- IF/OF Tyler Massey
- OF Rafael Ortega
- RHP Nick Schnaitmann
- OF Julian Yan