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Friday Rockpile: Baseball Is Totally Not Boring

Here's a fun fact: if I have to read one more article about how the ratings for [whatever year]'s World Series was lower than: The Puppy Bowl, the Bob Ross Happy Little Marathon, two different 2012 NFL Draft Previews, and that one episode of Cheers where Diane pops out of the cake (love that episode), I'm going to have to drive my happy self out to Bristol and finish this once and for all.

The potentials for change involve: changing the length of the season (Baseball was once 154 games, did you know that? No, I'm sure this is brand new to you, despite every other "Baseball Season Is Too Long!" article citing that very fact), changing the length of the playoff series (because come on, how can you REALLY tell who is the best unless you can make it through your rotation 3 full times?), changing the rules (ban the intentional walk!), and whatever other cockamamy idea that particular writer had in mind (let's make the DH only play in NL parks, and pitchers bat in the AL!).

No, folks, the World Series is fine as it is - in my opinion, anyhow. We've seen a handful of problems that have been brought up but haven't been addressed properly.

For example, yes, the postseason DOES run too long. The risk of November baseball is just no good. But is it because the regular season is too long? Doubt it. This season ended on September 28th, just like it was supposed to, and here we are, 3 days before Halloween with just one game left in the World Series. Reason why? MLB eliminated all of those pointless off days that aren't specifically travel-related. Voila, the series has gone much better.

Furthermore, it's just been a good postseason. September featured several permutations of several exciting races, culminating in 2 walkoff wins and two wild card winners decided by that final game. 

Here's another thing: No sweeps. 3 of the 4 NLDS series went to 5 games, and the 4th at least went to 4. Both the CS series went to 6 games, and both were swimming in exciting games. Finally, the World Series has been one of the most back-and-forth series we've seen in years. Not one team going down 3-1 and then fighting their way back. No, this series has been amazing. One night Texas looks like they're just toying with the Cardinals, and the next they're back on their heels while Albert Pujols commits hate crimes on baseballs.

The storylines have been beyond belief. The Rangers are still seeking that elusive first title. The two NLCS participants may be on the verge of losing their big-name 1Bs. Nelson Cruz is a boss. Y'know, things like that. It's the first time in a long time that I've actually yelled at a game that the Rockies weren't involved in.

I met a lady in St. Louis the other week who has a 5-year-old son. Recently, he's been forcing his mom to turn on the Cardinals games in the evening. She was surprised by this, as he's normally into Super Mario more than ballpark idols, and proceeded to ask me if I infected her child with baseball fever.

No, I can't do that on my own. Baseball fever is an airborne disease. I can't think of a better year to catch it, either.