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Thursday Rockpile: Yeah, about next season...

The Rockies need a problem solver.
The Rockies need a problem solver.

Denver Post:

Dick Monfort: Rockies owner on free-agency plans, MLB playoffs - The Denver Post - The Post has a wide ranging fanmail Q and A with Rockies owner Dick Monfort. Monfort is open and forthright about where the club stands on a variety of on field and off field personnel decisions. Of course, being open and forthright won't be enough for many (if not most,) Rockies fans who demand better on field results. Accountability is brought up in several questions, and there's definitely a disconnect between what some fans feel is appropriate accountability (the desired firing of GM Dan O'Dowd is frequently implied, if not stated) and what the ownership feels. My own opinion will be too much of a fence sitting one at this point, so it's probably not really worth bringing it up other than to say it's ownership's call and they've made it fairly obvious that O'Dowd's staying for the time being. Knowing that, I'm just trying to point him to what I think are the right decisions for the club:

Which brings us to:


Could the Mariners unload Chone Figgins on the Rockies? | Seattle Mariners blog -
My kneejerk reaction after being burned by the last Mariner coming this direction involves creating several fire hazards when reading this, namely the one caused by pouring sterno over my laptop and lighting a match, and dropping said lit match on to my laptop. So without looking anything up, let's say no, for now, we'll table this and revisit it later.

Rockies face second-base dilemma - The Denver Post - The Rockies may not be able to afford Mark Ellis. Not very promising on the front of affording third basemen.

Rockies: Opportunity awaits at third base - The Denver Post  - Oh, about that. There's a bit of a discrepancy here. A star third baseman like David Wright would most certainly be a better draw at the ticket counter than Mark Ellis, but I'm still skeptical given that veteran innings eater desire that's also well known. Veteran MLB players cost money, if they're any good, it's really going to be a tricky off season for O'Dowd to bring in both.

Kevin Kouzmanoff outrighted by Rockies, picks free agency | HardballTalk - Kouzmanoff's 2012 future with the club had been tenuous given he plays at the position the Rockies would figure to be most able to upgrade offensively.

I'm posting now, as I'm obviously well behind schedule due to some unforeseen circumstances at home (sterno, matches, laptop) this morning.