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Transactions Notes: 10/20/11 - 11/2/11

A two week edition, since I missed last week due to being in California, though really it doesn't matter. Nothing happened last week.

This week, however, saw the end of the world series and the official beginning of the offseason. The first thing to deal with is, of course, free agency and the associated moves, like contract options.

First, the contract options. The Rockies had two players with options on their contracts, Aaron Cook and Jason Giambi. Both options were mutual, meaning both the team and the player had to agree to enforce the option. In the case of Giambi, his 2012 option (worth $1 million) was picked up on both sides, and he will be returning to the team next year off the bench. Cook, on the other hand, saw the Rockies decline his option, as was expected for some time now. The $11 million option is replaced by a $500 thousand buyout, and Cook hits free agency.

Today, November the 3rd, is the day that free agency officially begins for most players. Once they file, they have a period when they can negotiate only with their ending 2011 team. The Rockies did not come to agreements with Kevin Millwood, Mark Ellis or J.C. Romero, and the three officially hit the market today. There has been some interest in re-signing all of these players (particularly Millwood and Ellis), but they are now free to sign elsewhere.

The final moves of significance this past week are the activation of our 60 Day Disabled List players. Charlie Blackmon, Jorge De La Rosa, Juan Nicasio, Jonathan Herrera and Ryan Spilborghs rejoin the 40 Man Roster, which now stands at 37 players. This is preparation for the upcoming Reserves Deadline, which is Sunday the 20th, in which 40 Man Rosters must be finalized from all roster moves except trades, designations for assignment and free agent signings, limiting each team to having no more than 40 players signed to MLB contracts until December's Rule 5 draft.

Everyone signed to a MLB contract on the Rockies is now active, except for Eliezer Alfonzo, who remains suspended. He must either be activated or taken off the roster by November 20th. Likewise, Christian Friedrich, Edwar Cabrera and any other Rule 5 eligible players the team plans to protect must be added to the roster by then.

Minor league free agency has presumably occurred as well, however I have yet to be given any official confirmation that the players have left the organization (or if any have re-signed). I have posted an updated list of players who will be leaving the organization via MiLB Free Agency after the jump.

- RHP Billy Buckner
- RHP Matt Daley
- RHP Leuris Gomez
- RHP Kyle Hancock
- RHP Alan Johnson
- RHP Blake Johnson
- RHP Andrew Johnston
- RHP John Maine
- RHP Josh Sullivan
- RHP Joe Torres
- RHP Sean White

- LHP Dustin Molleken
- LHP Eric Stults

- C Jose Gonzalez
- C Jose Morales

- IF Jorge Cantu
- IF Hernan Iribarren
- IF Max Leon
- IF Matt Macri
- IF Carlos Martinez
- IF Jesus Merchan
- IF Mike Paulk

- OF Scott Beerer
- OF Joe Mather
- OF Leonardo Reyes
- OF Orlando Sandoval
- OF Bronson Sardinha
- OF Willy Taveras