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Saturday Rockpile: O'Dowd, Rockies Set to Stand Pat this Offseason? Let's Hope Not

Krieger: O'Dowd says Rockies need "internal fix" - The Denver Post
This sounds like a good topic of conversation for a snowy (at least here in Salt Lake City) Saturday. Look, we all know the limitations that the Rockies and similar small-to-mid-market baseball clubs face - big free agent splashes just aren't the norm, nor should they be. However, Dan O'Dowd and the Colorado front office have been relying on internal fixes during the entirety of their "championship window" (which I deem to me 2007 to present), and they've only reached the playoffs twice and had a winning record three times in five seasons.

Simply put, while the Rox have above-average to superstar talent at the key up-the-middle positions, they haven't had a good supporting cast come up through the system to support those players. Draft failures are the big key here, but could it be more than that? Who knows. One thing is for sure, though - if O'Dowd's approach (which, again, isn't necessarily the wrong one) doesn't pan out once again, his regime could be in danger. The results have to come sooner than later, as fans are getting impatient waiting for the likes of Ian Stewart, Chris Nelson, and to some extent Chris Iannetta and Dexter Fowler, to exhibit their full potential at the big league level.

MLB: Rafael Furcal and Joe Nathan among the potential bargains at the bottom of Keith Law's top 50 free agents - ESPN (Insider Only)
The third tier of Keith Law's top 50 free agents features an ex-Rockie who, if interested in coming back to the big leagues, may solve one of their biggest problems - a right-handed platoon partner for Seth Smith. Here's what Law has to say about this man (who is number 49 on the list):

Murton hasn't decided yet whether to come back after two big years in Japan; he's at least a solid fourth outfielder over here who rakes against left-handed pitchers and is still playable against right-handers. Murton doesn't have the power to profile as an above-average everyday guy -- even in Japan, his main skill has been hitting for average with modest power and surprisingly few walks -- and in the U.S., he hit too many balls on the ground. Assuming the plate discipline is intact, I could see an OBP in the high .300s from him with enough doubles to make him at least a second-division starter.

It has been mentioned here recently (though I forgot who said it) that Matt Murton would be worth taking a flier on, and I totally agree. It may take a little bit of money, but I don't see it being enough for a move like this to be a substantial risk. Do it, Dan - do it.

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Twitter / @rafaelrojasc: #Rockies P Edgmer Escalona ...

#Rockies P Edgmer Escalona suspended for 10 days without pay due to disciplinary issues with his VZ team #Leones, reports Meridiano daily

As Rafael Rojas (from Viva Colorado) mentioned in another tweet, this is not the first time Escalona has faced disciplinary issues. While at Colorado Springs last season, he was involved in a scuffle that earned him a suspension.

Twitter / @TracyRingolsby: Don't overlook Rockies kic ...

Don't overlook Rockies kicking tires on RHP Brad Lidge, Cherry Creek product who lives in Denver area during off-season.

There must be something to this, as Ringolsby obviously has a beat on what goes on inside the Rox organization. The Rockies 'pen is already a strength, and picking up Brad Lidge (assuming he's healthy) would solidify it even more. However, they need to be careful about offering multiple years, in my opinion.

Rockies Roster (rockiesroster) on Twitter
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