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Sunday Rockpile: Rockies "Rising Stars" don't make impression, but Ty Wigginton does

Rockies prospects were mostly unimpressive in the AFL All-Star contest, not that anything can be judged about players from any individual game.

The same small sample caveat applies to Ty Wigginton, who homered for the U.S. "All Star" team that visited and beat the Taiwan national team today. Ah, the joys of Daylight Savings when mixed with news from across the Pacific and the International Date Line. 

Troy Renck reports that the Rockies may look into bringing Jamey Carroll back, but figures that the cost will be too prohibitive, and the same may apply to Mark Ellis. He also strikes a pessimistic chord in the team's pursuit of Michael Cuddyer with the Phillies among several teams interested. Renck says that the Rockies will look at David Wright, dubbing him a longshot as well as Cuddyer. From the Mets side, they seem serious about moving Wright, and are looking for a "defensive oriented center-fielder plus an arm or two." Joel Sherman says that their current focus is with the Angels and Peter Bourjos, but given the parameters, you would have to figure a trade with the Rockies would include Dexter Fowler.

Renck also brings up Kevin Youkilis as a possible fit at third, and as a first base substitute, but Youkilis would seem to be in a danger zone as far as his age and projected future value is concerned. With the Braves shopping Martin Prado and Jair Jurrjens, who both happen to fit Rockies needs, they might also be possibilities at this point and Renck says that Prado in particular should be followed closely. He offers Seth Smith as an exchange possibility for Prado, but Smith might not be that much more cost effective, albeit he does have more power, which is what the Braves are after. The Braves price tag for the pair seems like it may be prohibitive given what they asked of Kansas City.

In addition to Jurrjens on the pitching front, Renck's list is a bit more compact, as there are finally signs that the Rockies may be moving on from Carl Pavano, looking instead to his teammate Kevin Slowey, as well as the likely more desirable trio of Wandy Rodriguez, Wade Davis and Jon Danks. Slowey, despite not being able to crack the Twins rotation which Pavano has, I feel is a better fit for the Rockies needs than Pavano due to his more likely durability.