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Saturday Rockpile: As the D-Backs Continue to Improve, How Will the Rockies Answer?

Let's flashback to a little over four years ago, when the Rockies were coming off of a season in which they beat their division rivals, the Arizona Diamondbacks, on their way to their first World Series appearance. Many people thought that, of the two young and similar clubs, the Rockies' core was the one that would be in better shape for the future. Since then, each team has two additional winning season and one additional playoff appearance apiece, but with the struggles and turnover of the Rockies' young roster, not many people would say that they're in better shape than the division-winning D-Backs heading into 2012. That was even BEFORE yesterday, when Arizona made a bit of a splash by acquiring Trevor Cahill (plus Craig Breslow) from the Athletics in exchange for a package headed by Jarrod Parker. While Parker is young and talented, Cahill is a bit of a proven commodity that will only help a D-Backs rotation that was sneaky solid in 2011.

Now, you'd have to be flat out crazy to suggest the Rockies have a more promising near-future than their SRFATS roommates. The question is, does the Rockies' front office feel ANY pressure to counter some of the moves the D-Backs are making with shrewd ones of their own? While the Rox have made several deals over the past few months, it's likely that at this point, none of them will make the team better in 2012. And, while it can be argued that the Rox are in a little bit of a rebuilding situation, that simply should not be the case with Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez on the roster. Luckily for all of us, the offseason isn't even close to being over yet, and there are a few possibilites out there that could make the Rox an improved on-field product next season.

For the first time in years, it feels like the Rockies won't just stand pat with basically the same roster they had during the previous season. You almost KNOW that more moves are on the way. So, I pose a question - if the Rox were allowed to make just one of the realistic moves listed below, which one would you rather see? While looking at the options, keep some of the things we already know in mind:

I'm fully aware that there's a good possibility of more than one of these moves being made, but just humor me.

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