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Purple Row Radio - Week of 12/5/11

Purple Row Radio
Purple Row Radio

Welcome back to Purple Row Radio! On this edition, Andrew and I are once again joined by Paul Agnello (Resolution) to catch up on the offseason so far.

- What do we think of the Chris Iannetta/Tyler Chatwood trade?
- Where does Chatwood fit into an already complicated array of young pitching depth?
- The Ty Wigginton trade.
- Looking ahead to the Winter Meetings.
- What is up with all of these multiyear deals?
- Which, if any, of Huston Street, Ian Stewart and Seth Smith will still be Rockies at the end of the week?

We recorded this podcast last night, before Kevin Slowey was signed, so nothing on that for now.

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As per usual, you can download the podcast directly below, or you can find an embedded player after the jump.
Purple Row Radio - Week of December 5th, 2011