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Saturday Rockpile: Spring Training is Looming...Where's the Rockies News?

We'll be seeing temperatures reach that vaunted 50-degree mark in parts of the Central Rocky Mountain region this weekend - the first true sign that baseball is indeed upon us. Too bad there isn't much Rockies-related news this morning to go along with it. Must be the death of the Michael Young trade talks that are holding things down. Anyway, some other signs of the most wonderful time of the year are linked below:

Barry Bloom: Salt River Fields a tribute to late Rockies president Keli McGregor | News
Upon arriving at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick on Monday, the Rockies will be reminded of their late colleague, boss, and friend Keli McGregor, for whom the new Spring Training facility is dedicated.

Aaron Cook: Rockies pitcher talks comeback, Cincinnati chili and anti-superstitions - The Denver Post
Aaron Cook was "in the best shape of his life" at this time last year, and didn't have much to show for it by the time the season ended. Cookie feels that may have affected his timing, and ultimately, his delivery. Here's to hoping that he shows up to Scottsdale a few pounds heavier this time around.

MLB Players Of The Decade: Hanley Ramirez, Troy Tulowitzki Only Serious Shortstop Contenders -
As was linked in the comments section of yesterday's Rockpile, SB Nation's National Baseball Editor Rob Neyer debates who will be MLB's shortstop of the decade. Very good arguments can be made for either one of Ramirez and Tulowitzki. However, according to the SBN community, only one of them belongs at the top (and it's not even close) - and that is our own Tulo. Chime in with your vote alongside over 1,000 others.

Every MLB team has burning questions going into spring training - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN
Tracy Ringolsby pretty much echoes the sentiments of the community here at Purple Row in thinking that an Ian Stewart breakout would be tremendously important to the Rockies' success in 2011.

Los Angeles Dodgers sign RHP Juan Rincon to minor league deal - ESPN Los Angeles
Another former Rockie reliever was signed yesterday - the second of which to go to a division rival this offseason (after Randy Flores went to the Padres).