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Thursday Rockpile: Todd Helton wants you to know that he's been taking names...

Todd Helton arrives in camp with a chip on his shoulder. This grumpy old "I'll show you" Helton is good. We've poked the bear with all our doubting and now we'll see if the bear can poke back. Yeah, that's typically not the wisest of camping strategies, but maybe it works with baseball players.

Carney Lansford says "World Series", then again, everybody says World Series right now. Clint Hurdle's probably saying World Series in Pittsburgh with regard to the Pirates. Okay, I actually Googled it and Hurdle's not quite going that far yet, he's comparing Pittsburgh to the 2005 Rockies, which would suggest a 2013 time frame for a Pirates return to the fall classic. At any rate, back to the Lansford article, Jim Armstrong has other notes from Talking Stick, including the arrivals of prospects Hector Gomez and Charlie Blackmon.

Thomas Harding reports that Huston Street has pulled back the reins in his off-season preparation for 2011, hoping that less intense workouts help him avoid the injuries he had last season after undergoing more strenuous pre-season prep work.

Jason Hammel's shortened his delivery after picking up a bad habit from watching Ubaldo Jimenez

Rockies 2007 first round pick Casey Weathers is finally feeling fully recovered from Tommy John surgery after slogging through with the rehab in 2010.

Rockies pitching coach Bob Apodaca will be enshrined into the Cal State Los Angeles Athletics Hall of Fame.

Former Rockies reliever Ryan Speier has signed a contract with the Rakuten Eagles in Japan.