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Sunday Rockpile: Tulowitzki putting on clinics early, Matt Belisle closer of the future?

Okay, sorry for not being around much since Thursday, I've had some pretty substantial "OT" come up (oh, yeah, since I brought it up, here you go) and while that's mostly been taken care of, the stress apparently weakened my immune system as I've come down with a bug. So we'll be short on analysis again today.

Troy Tulowitzki put on a mini-camp for baseball youth at his Fremont high school alma mater in Sunnyvale, California this week. According to Troy Renck's feature on him this morning in the Denver Post, he gave Rockies prospects Tim Wheeler and Nolan Arenado a much more intense version of that over the winter.

In Spanish, Ubaldo Jimenez says again that he's still is a bit frustrated for not getting 20 wins in 2010 and has it as a goal in 2011. 

Meanwhile, back in English, Jim Armstrong suggests that Matt Belisle could be the Rockies closer of the future if Huston Street doesn't bounce back from a disappointing 2010 season in 2011.

Jim Tracy opened up to 9News about his heart arrythmia that caused him to pass out during the Winter Meetings in Orlando a couple of months ago. When he awoke he drew up the designs for a flux capacitor and a Michael Young trade. Alright, I kid, I'm just glad he's healthy.

Okay, about that MY thing...

I noticed I got called "delusional" yesterday in the Rockpile for thinking Jose Lopez is (was?) in for a rebound with the Rockies. That's okay, I can take it. While I think Lopez would have been fine, and could have been more than fine for the Rockies at second base, the bottom line to me is that Young is an upgrade. He's more certain to have the value I was envisioning as a possibility with Lopez. So count me in the camp of being in favor of working out this trade that just won't die.

As it stands, though, the Sporting News ranked the Rockies off-season moves second best in the division to the Padres. I think I'd agree with their assessment for right now, but if we do manage to get Young, and get Texas to eat a healthy chunk of his due salary, I'd consider putting the Rockies on top.