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Wednesday Rockpile: Is the Young Trade Dead? I Hope So.

Unfortunately, this is going to be pretty short with mostly links, as my computer has had a bunch of problems of late. On the positive side, you guys were just going to talk about that omnipotent black hole of discussion, Michael Young, anyway. I think that the Dugout and BBTF encapsulate how I feel about acquiring Young -- he's expensive and would probably only bring a small upgrade if any. I'd much rather roll the dice on the young talent we have (yes, that includes Jose Lopez) than overpay for an aging player. I know that Young would be a great 2 hole hitter, but is he worth the long-term investment. No, probably not. Besides, it doesn't look like the trade is happening anyway. However, they don't call it The Trade Rumor That Will Not Die for nothing.

It really is crazy to think that this time next week I'll be reporting about the Rockies' first spring workout. The long wait is almost over, Rockies fans. To help ease the pain a little bit, some Colorado players spoke about the upcoming season at the Rockies' 2011 Fanfest. In addition, Troy Renck has the full spring training roster, from 1 (Eric Young Jr.) to 77 (Keith Weiser).

Meanwhile, Jim Tracy talks about the Rockies' rivalry with the Giants. In addition, he indicates that Dexter Fowler will be Colorado's leadoff hitter and that Seth Smith, Todd Helton, Ian Stewart, Lopez, and Ty Wigginton are the guys under consideration for the five spot in the lineup. Tracy also discusses Chris Iannetta, the starting rotation order, and the Rockies' road struggles.

Finally, personal favorite Maury Brown writes about the success of MLB and its player's association in creating a good working relationship, especially when compared to impending strikes in the NBA and NFL. It warms the cockles of my cold black heart to see the NFL's situation mocked in this way.