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Friday Rockpile: Opening Day

If you're reading this, congratulations. You made it. The long offseason is over, and the Rockies have returned to Coors Field to lay waste to their National League opponents.

It is Opening Day.

Off Topic

Everything seems in place for an exciting Opening Day. The Rotation is set, the roster is set, but the only questions remaining are: Will Ian Stewart start Opening Day, or will his lingering Spring injuries keep him on the bench; who starts at 2B, Johnny Herrera or Jose Lopez? In Troy Renck's exhaustive piece covering the team's outlook after a very strong Spring Training in their new digs, he leaves us with what APPEARS to be the starting lineup:

The Rockies did not announce their starting lineup Thursday. Following is the projected lineup, though Seth Smith might bat seventh, and Jonathan Herrera might start at second and bat second.

Awesome, so I guess we won't find out until gametime, at least about 2B. Or maybe sooner, we'll see what updates we find as the day goes on. As for Stewart, I'm assuming that since he made the Opening Day ROSTER, he'll be starting, but who knows. Maybe we'll be surprised.

Past that...well, shoot, folks. What's left to say? Everyone has a different opinion on what the Rockies need to do to win this year, but it all boils down to the following:

This... is a simple game. You throw the ball. You hit the ball. You catch the ball.

Do that better than the opposition, and good things will happen. 

That's enough out of me. Happy Opening Day, everyone, and GO ROCKIES!