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Monday Rockpile: Rockies and Venezuela - Kind of a Big Deal

The Dominican Republic has been one of the bigger hotbeds for baseball recruitment. Ubaldo Jimenez is the obvious member of this group of Dominican prizes, along with lesser-known bench players like Albert Pujols and Hanley Ramirez. But the source of new Rockies excitement seems to be Venezuela. I know, this is a new development and something we've never discussed before, but when I was listening to KOA during the game today, Jack and Jerry mentioned that Venezuelan news crews were in PIttsburgh interviewing any Venezuelan who could talk.

"I'm having a hard time," said Gonzalez, who nonetheless pulled himself out of sick bay to do television interviews with a crew from his home country of Venezuela

Thomas Harding,

See? They were there! I wasn't making it up!

This is a big deal in Venezuela, too:

Jhoulys Chacin, on what it will be like in Venezuela for the Rockies' opening day. "It will be like a national holiday," he said with a smile

Troy E. Renck and Nick Groke, The Denver Post

See, Smiling!

Jose Lopez even likes it:

Said Lopez: "I think it's the first time eight Venezuelans have been on one team, huh?"

Jim Armstrong, The Denver Post

The next big thing coming to the Rockies from the great Venezuelan Empire is Jose Tovar, a 6'2 lefthander who has pitched in the Dominican leagues. He's like 17 now. Don't hold your breath, unless you can hold your breath for a few years.

Ben Badler, Baseball America

So hurray for Venezuela, and the swarms of players it brings to the Rockies major league club!

Off Topic

Colorado Rockies 13th in 2000s attendance | Denver Business Journal
According to G. Scott Thomas, the Rockies ranked 13th of 30 in attendance during the 2000s. That's pretty darn impressive, given the records of some of those teams and the fact that the Rockies employed Royce Clayton at any given point during the past decade.

Helton feeling hale and happy | News
Todd Helton's back feels great. I feel like we're hearing echoes from 2010.

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Humility, Fighting, and Grinding: These words describe the play of the 2011 Rockies, 7 games in. Let's hope that the W-L% stays along with the resolve.

The Vancouver Sun - Goalie gets a goal, Rockies get points

Oh, wait, wrong Rockies. Also wrong decade.