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Tuesday Rockpile: Injury Updates, Tulowitzki Fired Up, More

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Helton's back problem not like last year's - The Denver Post
Todd Helton appears to be ready to come back any day now, but the Rockies are smartly taking their time with the 37-year-old first baseman, due to the fairly enormous amount of corner infield depth that they have at the major league level. However, that depth would take a quick hit if Helton experiences another quick setback, what with Ian Stewart struggling mightily. Still, this early in the season, there isn't a ton to worry about in regards to this subject.

Renck also has injury updates on Ubaldo Jimenez (who will throw a 90-pitch extended spring training outing tomorrow), Jorge De La Rosa (whose blister issues are apparently NOT an issue), and Felipe Paulino (who is still experiencing some groin problems).

Twitter / @Jon Heyman:

3 observations from mets-rockies: 1) troy tulowitzki is a beast, 2) mets pen -- oy, 3) gary/keith/ron are as good as ever

Tulo certainly is a beast. I personally love that the guy can use something as simple as the Mets (possibly) mockingly playing Tulo's walk-up song, Justin Beiber's "Baby," during the break in action directly before the top of the eighth - which, of course, was the inning that Tulo crushed the big two-run homer.

A couple of non-Rockies-related links after the jump...

Dodgers shortstop Rafael Furcal headed to disabled list with broken thumb | News
The most interesting part of this is that Furcal hinted retiring if he's not able to come back to full strength. It's probably just the immediate overreaction of a man who has become quite disenchanted with his injuries, but it does prompt one to look ahead to the Dodgers' future shortstop situation. Right now, they have Jamey Carroll at the big league level, plus Dee Gordon (who probably isn't ready) hanging out in Triple A. Although Furcal has struggled just a bit to open the season, one would believe that the Bums wouldn't be in the greatest of situations if they lost their starting shortstop for a long period of time.

San Francisco Giants host Bryan Stow family for game vs. Los Angeles Dodgers - ESPN Los Angeles
Before last night's game (which was won 6-1 by Los Angeles), Jamey Carroll and Jeremy Affeldt - members of the Rockies' 2007 World Series club - represented their teams by speaking to the fans about the dire need for the intense rivalry to remain on the field. The clubs couldn't have picked two classier players to represent a classy moment. Well done by these two storied organizations.

Now, let's continue hating both of them...on the field.