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Wednesday Rockpile: The Rockies Just Want to Play Baseball

Well, as you may have noticed, the NL West leading Colorado Rockies didn't have a game last night. And from looking at the weather forecast for Queens, they might not have one today either. So...could we get a triple-header Thursday please?

I mean, CBS Sports' Danny Knobler is right, the 7-2 Rockies are winning wherever they play, even in their traditional New York graveyard. It just seems like a shame to give this team some time to remember that they're supposed to suck in April. I thought that this Knobler quote encapsulates my feelings pretty well.

They're not there yet. It's only nine games.

But that's what teams say when they lose in April.

Colorado has a new mindset on the road this year, and it seems to be working.

At least Huston Street seemed to be enjoying himself yesterday afternoon. After a rough outing in the game that I attended, Street has been very good, notching five saves so far in as many chances. So good, in fact, that he leads the team in pitching WAR right now -- and what do you know, another reliever (Matt Reynolds) is in second place. Maybe he'll earn his $7.3 million salary after all.

In other Rockies news, Seth Smith's new approach is paying dividends, while Jonathan Herrera wants to set the record straight: he is not the lightweight his baseball cards say he is (150 pounds), but rather is closer to 180. Also included in the link is a note on Jose Lopez's reliance on a glove from his Mariners days for 3B duties.

Speaking of Herrera and his monstrous triple slash line so far (.467/.636/.600, 246 wRC+), Beyond the Boxscore has compiled some batting lines that you'll only see in April. Colorado is ranked eighth in BtB's first power rankings of the season.