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Thursday Rockpile: Let's play two. And also let's win two.

Another night, another comeback road win for the Rockies, as yet another field staff circumvents baseball's rulekeepers by switching non-humidified baseballs in key Rockies plate appearances, only to switch them back when their opponents are up. How long will MLB allow this outrage to continue? We'll keep you posted. 

Ryan Spilborghs took advantage of his playing time last night with his home run, the Denver Post notes among a couple other things. It could also be said, however, that Spilborghs may have just been making up for his weak contact in a run producing situation earlier in the game. With Troy Tulowitzki breaking for home on a contact play in the second inning, Spilly's weak comebacker to the mound left Tulo a sitting duck.

Just a minor correction to the Denver Post notes linked above, according to Baseball Reference, Todd Helton's 528th career double last night tied him with Frank Robinson for 33rd all time, not 32nd, he's just one behind Al Oliver, though. Besides Robinson and Oliver, Helton's also currently in an all-time showdown with Hall of Fame outfielder Joe Medwick, with Helton again nudging Medwick in career batting average last night and nine total bases behind the Cardinals and Dodgers great on the all time TB list.

What do the Phillies, Yankees and Rockies have in common? They're the three teams left in 2011 who have yet to lose consecutive games this season. 

Ubaldo Jimenez is set to square off against Tim Lincecum on Monday. Yeah, remember the last time Lincecum pitched at Coors? Here's the refresher. Not to get too far ahead, we have to get past the Mets and Cubs first, but I think the Rockies may want to make a statement that this aggression will not stand, maybe they can make a strongly worded message on the scoreboard to the Giants, something like 32-1 over the three games ought to do it. 



It was mentioned in a Fanshot here a couple of weeks ago that the Rockies are grappling with the Twins for the hearts and minds of Rapid City, South Dakota. The plot thickens, however, as it appears Rapid City is reciprocating by making a grab for the Coors Field faithful as well as those in Minneapolis. I'm admiring their work, how they play both sides against each other, all the while keeping their special lady friend in Omaha. Well played, Rapid City, well played.