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Transactions Notes 4/7/11 - 4/13/11

No MLB moves this week, but the week also saw the full season MiLB teams begin play, and already there has been some roster shuffling.

- John Maine unassigned and placed on Temporarily Inactive List

After his rough start on opening day for the Sky Sox, John Maine was placed on the temporarily inactive list until his next start. This move has caused some confusion amongst readers recently, so I will explain how the TIL works.

The temporarily inactive list is a temporary unassignment from a team's active roster. Players are usually placed on this list when a team needs to promote another player due to other roster constraints. As you will see below, Maine's replacement on the roster gave them an extra member for their bullpen. Players placed on the list must stay there for at least three days, but can stay longer as well. Players during the early part of the season often return to Extended Spring Training to work out for their time on the temporarily inactive list if convenient, though they can continue traveling with the team as well. Players on the inactive list do not gain pro service time while on the list.

- Andy Graham assigned to AAA Sky Sox

Reliever Andy Graham replaced Maine on the roster, giving the Sky Sox eight relievers after their bullpen got off to a rough start on opening day. Promoted from Extended Spring Training, Graham is expected to stay with AAA for much of the year.

The rest of the week after the jump.

- Sean Jarrett reassigned to Extended Spring Training

After beginning the season with 4 members of the rotation, when Tulsa needed a fifth starter, they needed to make a move. Reliever Sean Jarrett left the Drillers to return to Extended Spring Training. The fact that this was the move and not a trip to the inactive list implies the assignment may last for a longer time. Jarrett spent much of last season injured.

- Josh Sullivan assigned to AA Drillers

Chosen to become the Drillers fifth starter is Josh Sullivan. AA is the highest level Sullivan has reached in his career, which saw him spend all of 2009 out of play. Drafted in 2005, Sullivan is part of this year's class of upcoming MiLB free agents. His first start was not pleasant.


- John Maine assigned to AAA Sky Sox

Maine's return from the inactive list to make his next start.

- Josh Muecke assigned to A Short Dust Devils

Muecke's contract was transferred from the Sky Sox to the short season roster. Another move not uncommon in the early part of the season, the short season rosters often become temporary homes for players whose status is in limbo. Muecke may or may not be returning to the Sky Sox.

- Isaiah Froneberger placed on 7 Day Disabled List

Reportedly suffering a toe injury while batting, Froneberger's outlook for time spent on the DL is unknown at this point, other than the obvious week long requirement. This is Froneberger's first year with the Drillers.

- Chris Malone assigned to AA Drillers

Replacing Froneberger on the roster is Chris Malone, who spent last year with Tulsa. Malone left last season as an MiLB free agent, but re-signed with the organization in the offseason.

- Josh Mueller assigned to A Asheville Tourists (Erik Stavert to Temporarily Inactive List)

Mueller joined the Tourists bullpen, however Asheville is notorious for not updating their roster. I do not know yet who Mueller replaced. If they kept a 7 man pen, it is likely that one of Josh Hungerman, Craig Bennigson, or Kraig Sitton is the casualty, as none of these relievers have pitched since Mueller joined the team, but it is also possible he replaced a starting pitcher.

UPDATE: Matt Eddy's transactions blog at Baseball America revealed in its update today that Erik Stavert was placed on the Inactive List this week. This has to be the move that freed up space for Mueller.


- Eric Young Jr. unassigned and placed on Temporarily Inactive List

The word on Twitter is that Young received a minor injury during the previous Sky Sox game, having been removed from the game soon after. Rather than keep Young out of action for a full week on the 7 Day DL, a move to the TIL makes sense for a shorter 3-6 day stint out of action.

- Geno Espineli assigned to AAA Sky Sox

Espineli is a MiLB free agent signing from the offseason. After beginning the season in Extended Spring Training, the lefty Espineli is one of now nine relief pitchers on the Sky Sox as of today. Replaces Eric Young Jr. on the roster for the time being.