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Friday Rockpile: Hats off to Greg Reynolds; Welcome to the long-awaited Alan Johnson


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There are just so many strange....emotions? something like that, whatever they are, there's a lot of them around Greg Reynolds. Poor guy was a poor draft pick with the #2 overall, but it's not really his fault for that. But when he continued getting hurt in the minors and never really lived up to ANY billing, most people more or less wrote him off as lost. I always felt bad for the guy. He had a lot of "billing" surrounding him, and it just can't be easy being that guy.

But Reynolds was called up in the clutch as the emergency replacement starter, and he did exactly what we'd expect from a number 5 starter.


Rockies add Johnson for Game 2, option Reynolds | Inside the Colorado Rockies
Yep, if you missed it, Alan Johnson will be making a spot start on Sunday against the Chicago Cubs to keep the rotation in "order" and not forcing any other starters to go on short rest this early in the season.


I can't help but wonder what influence Purple Row's incessant mewling over Alan Johnson had over the front office's decision to promote him to the majors as some extra depth for the upcoming weekend. I'm proud to say I was part of the FHWEEEE mockery of Woody Paige as he proposed trading Brandon "AAA No-Hitter" Hynick, the aforementioned Greg Reynolds, and Alan Johnson for Mr. Roy Freaking Halladay.

I feel like we should all cheer for Johnson, as he's been our much mocked "trade chip", and...well, this might be his one shot at this thing. He holds a career minor league line of 56-42 with a 4.55 ERA over 886.2IP.

So lots of cheering, everyone.


Divide grows between Rockies and Mets - Stats & Info Blog - ESPN

Troy Tulowitzki went 10-for-16 with four homers and eight RBI in the four-game series with New York. He is the first player to go deep in each game of a series of at least four games against the Mets. The Elias Sports Bureau also tells us that Tulo is the first player to attain each of those stats in one series since Vladimir Guerrero went 12-for-17 with five homers and nine RBI for the Angels in a four-game series against the Rangers in 2004. 


Learning To Love - OK, Tolerate - Cub Fans at Coors - SB Nation Denver
Hate the Cubs? Hate their fans even more? Dan Lucero tells us WHY we should learn to put up with them. Maybe.


There's lots of other stuff out there about Barry Bonds and instant Replay and Josh Hamilton and lots of other basebally things, but really, I wanted to write about Greg Reynolds and Alan Johnson. Enjoy it, everyone.