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Monday Pebble Report: Late Rally Carries Sky Sox; Drillers Toss Shutout

AAA Colorado Springs Sky Sox

Sky Sox 8, Aces 5

John Maine turned in a quality start, going 6.0, allowing 3 runs, struck out 4, walked 2. Jim Miller and Rex Brothers both tossed scoreless frames, both allowing 1 hit, lowering Miller's ERA to 7.45 and Brothers' to... 0.00. Andrew Johnston got roughed up for 2 runs in the 9th, but the Sky Sox had done enough damage off of Aces relievers Tom Layne and Ron Mahay (yes, that Ron Mahay) to make that 9th inning hiccup irrelevant.

Side note: John Maine's AAA picture is just the smuggest thing I've ever seen:



AA Tulsa Drillers

Drillers 5, Missions 0

Josh Sullivan, Karl Chris Malone, Joe Torres, and Adam Jorgenson combined for a 5-hit shutout of the San Antonio Missions, striking out 10 and walking 4. Tim Wheeler stole a base and notched another hit, bringing his season line to .316/.426/.605. Bronson Sardinha hit a homer, bringing HIS line to .281/.378/.563.

A+ Modesto Nuts

Nuts 3, Blaze 4

Despite a 5IP, 3R (2ER), 5K effort from Chad Bettis and a game-tying rally in the 8th, the Nuts were unable to come up with enough to put out the Bakersfield Blaze. 4 Nuts posted a hit, Mike Zuanich added 2 walks to his game's total, and Kala Ka'aihue hit a solo homer off of Blaze starter Josh Ravin. The 3-3 tie was broken in the bottom of the 8th when Yasmani Grandal took one deep to CF off of Coty Woods.


A Asheville Tourists

Tourists 9, Legends 18

Ugly, ugly game for Joshua Slaats and Craig Bennigson, who both allowed 6 earned runs (Bennigson 7R, 6ER) in their respective 2IP stints. Kraig Sitton at least touched the 7th while allowing 5 runs of his own. Bradley McAtee, Bruce Kern, and Juan Perez stopped the bleeding at that point, but when a cut is that arterial, there's not much left to save. On the plus side Rafael Ortega, Brett Tanos, Bryce Massanari, Mark Tracy, and Tyler Massey all had 2-hit days, and Massanari and Avery Barnes both hit homers. Of course, the Legends had 2 guys post 5 hits, 2 post 3 hits, and one guy post 2 hits.