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Saturday Rockpile: Something's wrong, something's very very wrong...

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The Ubaldo situation:

The Diamondbacks' Miguel Montero noticed it right away, during his first at-bat: Ubaldo Jimenez's fastball lacked its patented velocity. The Colorado Rockies ace is known for his blistering, upper-90s fastball. But on Friday afternoon at Coors Field, Montero could tell it wasn't the same.

So, I'm just going to stick my head in the sand on that one and leave the conversation for Andrew's thread, other than to say that it's a pretty fine mess for this to come up at this point rather than earlier in the Spring. Here's more from the Denver Post.


So, moving on while we avoid the giant vuvuzela playing elephant in the room, how about that Jose Lopez? Yeah, O'Dowd sure picked up a good one there... What? I don't hear any vuvuzela.

And Todd Helton was upset by a fan interference call in the fifth inning. No, no, there's plenty of space in here. See, that corner over there, if you move your arms just right you could be quite comfortable.

And hey, why don't we talk about the Spring attendance figures again. The Rockies did great. I SAID THE ROCKIES DID GREAT!