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Tuesday Rockpile: Can We Play Some Mountainloving Baseball Already?

Only four MLB teams have less losses than the Colorado Rockies.  In what is essentially a race to the least number of losses, that has to be good right?  Except consider Colorado is the only team to play just two games.  Fourteen teams have taken the field three times.  Fifteen clubs have actually played four games.   And with tonight's game as the latest on the schedule, the picture gets even more ridiculous.  The Cubs will be finished with their fifth home game before Colorado even takes the field for their third.

If tonight's game is postponed, I don't doubt some Rockies fans will tear their hair out, but they won't be the only ones.  Last Sunday's scheduled starter, Jhoulys Chacin, was "steamed" and "smoldering" that he couldn't take the mound.

"I had no idea it was going to be like this," Chacin said, shaking his head. "I want to pitch. I am ready to go. I don't want any more days off."

Hopefully, he can take that eager frustration to the hill tonight.  He will need it against the Dodgers, as Los Angeles is one of those teams that has already played four games.  They are going with a four man rotation in the absence of Jon Garland, so strangely, Don Mattingly's ace is matching up with the Rockies' #3 starter in his first start of the season.  (Example #421 why fretting over rotation role/slot is way overblown in the regular season).

At least we get to see more regular season games from this date forward than fans of any MLB team.  I guess.  Yeah...

At this point in the 162 games schedule last season, the Rockies just suffered their first loss of the season, falling to 1-1 after Greg Smith struggled against the Milwaukee Brewers.  Just 363 days later, Colorado has released Greg Smith.  After showing little with the big club and the Sky Sox, the release isn't a complete surprise, especially considering the number of AAA rotation candidates.  He still has something to offer an MLB team in a different environment, I believe, so I don't doubt he will find a job.  

The more important piece of that Matt Holliday trade, of course, remains in purple pinstripes softball shirts.  Thomas Harding wrote yesterday about the possibility of Carlos Gonzalez having a 40/40 season.   I am skeptical, but the feat is more within his skillset than any current major leaguer.  

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