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Ubaldo Jimenez to the DL; Greg Reynolds Called Up

According to any number of Rockies sources including Troy Renck, Tracy Ringolsby, the Rockies home feed, etc etc, Ubaldo Jimenez' cuticle cut is more serious than anybody was ready to admit. 

Ubaldo was placed on the disabled list today, retroactive to 4/2.

Opening Day, observers noticed his hand was bleeding during warmups, but the Rockies decided to proceed anyhow. Ubaldo showed a disturbing lack of velocity (well, 96mph, but when you're accustomed to 100mph, it's disturbing) and was shelled for 6 runs (5 ER).  The issue with the cut cuticle is that he was unable to grip the ball like he normally does, leading to him just hurling the ball for 6 innings rather than pitching with the dominance we've come to expect.

Greg Reynolds, former 1st round pick in 2006, will be called up in his stead. After a rush to the majors in 2008, Reynolds has gone through any number of injuries and bouts with ineffectiveness. Since nearing some semblance of health, Reynolds has showed signs of improvement, attempting to reinvent himself as a low-velocity junkballer.

Reynolds will take Jimenez' start on April 9th vs the Pirates.

This will be Jimenez' first trip to the disabled list in his MLB career.