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Friday Rockpile: Esmil Rogers Pitching With Passion

Rockies' Esmil Rogers dedicates game, season to his ailing father | All Things Rockies — Colorado Rockies news — Denver Post

This is a really touching snippet from Jim Armstrong about Esmil Rogers' father. Apparently he's fighting colon cancer down in the Dominican Republic. Click into the link for details.

Whatever the reason for his solid start was, Rogers brought it. He pitched himself an out into the 8th, allowing only 4 hits, punching out 7, walking 1. 

Now I'll admit, I had zero faith in Rogers. I was just hoping he'd go 5 innings while keeping the damage low so the bullpen could close out a tight game. Instead, Rogers absolutely dominated a young Pirates lineup and basically gave an ace level performance from the #5 slot. 

This is the second shift the rotation has taken in the past month. The original rotation was Ubaldo Jimenez, Jorge De La Rosa, Aaron Cook, Jhoulys Chacin, Jason Hammel. Then when Cook hit the DL, it became Jimenez, DLR, Chacin, Hammel, Rogers. Now, with Ubaldo on the DL, it's come around the horn to be DLR, Chacin, Hammel, Rogers, Reynolds. The best part is that DLR was a beast in his blister-shortened outing, Chacin owned Dodger faces, Hammel...well, Hammel still looked like a #5 pitcher, and Rogers is pitching like he belongs at the top of the rotation. It's up to Reynolds now to bring the pain. To the Pirates. I feel like we need to specify that.

Awesome starts by back-of-the-rotation pitchers this early in the season bring up a lot of misguided expectations, though. Rogers was awesome in his start. If you don't retain anything else from this article, remember that I am saying Rogers was awesome. But remember that Rogers' next start will be against the Mets, who finished 13th in the NL in runs scored. Granted, there were injuries to take into account, and a pitcher-friendly park, but still - not an offensive powerhouse.

The reason I say this is because I'm trying to do what I always do: temper expectations. Rogers may come out strong against the Mets next week too, but remember that there's a reason he's the #5. We'll see a lot of "Rogers has turned the corner! He's reached the next level of development! He's broken out!" and while that might all be true, I'm not looking forward to the inevitable "ESMIL WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU YOU WERE SO GOOD OMG SEND HIM DOWN NOT READY RAHHHHH"

I'm pulling for the guy. Having yet another young awesome pitcher in the rotation only helps the Rockies, obviously. I just don't want people building a house of cards around the #5 pitcher in the rotation, because he will come back down to Earth at some point. But until then, here's to him beating expectations.

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Rockies pitcher Greg Reynolds: 'Time to put up or shut up' | All Things Rockies — Colorado Rockies news — Denver Post
Bronson Arroyo Greg, I feel nothing but bad for the guy. But I love his attitude. He wants to make a mark and he wants to prove that he's not a complete waste of a draft pick. Good onya, Greg, I hope you can do it.

Rox not setting timetable for Ubaldo's return | News

Stewart still in Spring Training mode | News
Sounds about right. Stewart's swing looks lost still. In his defense, he missed a good chunk of Spring Training. The good news is that the Rockies are in a very good place right now for 3B. Ty Wigginton is playing a competent 3B, and Jose Lopez is available to slide over to 3B, giving Johnny Herrera a shot in the lineup. I wonder if they shouldn't option Stewart for a stint in extended Spring Training - not as an indictment, but so he can make up for lost time in a zero-pressure environment.

Helton reaches Coors Field RBI milestone | News
Todd Helton's 3-run jack makes him the first player in 20 years to drive in 750 in any single park. Just remember that Helton is in very elite company when it comes to longevity with a single team. I can't remember the number, but he's up there for games played with a single team with Derek Jeter, Ichiro, and Chipper Jones.


Three Pitchers, Three Mounds, Three Paths - SB Nation Denver

No, seriously, click to read a piece about the divergence of three big pitchers for the Colorado Rockies has affected the team.