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Saturday Rockpile: Thoughts on Last Night's Game - Street, Morales, Road Offense - Plus More

I suppose I'll spend the first few paragraphs talking about the game last night, as I didn't participate in the game thread and AMart was understandably too annoyed to go real in-depth in the wrap. The biggest reason, though, is that I just want to vent about the game a little bit.

For the second time this season, the Rockies failed to win a game that went into extra frames, losing to the Pirates in 14 last night. (not) Coincidentally, it was also their second loss of the season altogether. Of course, the difference between last night and the opening day loss is that the Rox completely used up/obliterated their bullpen, and were left with nothing to show for it. Huston Street, for instance, pitched three innings last night - falling just an out short of the longest outing of his career, a 3 1/3-inning effort way back in 2005. The silver lining in that, however, is that Street managed to throw just 27 pitches - which is actually five less than what he threw on April 2nd. But, the difference in this case is that he received two off-days directly following that appearance, whereas the Rockies won't really have that luxury this time around unless they have two blowout losses, two blowout wins, or a combination of both.

The largest annoyance about the game to me, other than the obvious issues that the Rockies had in generating any offense for 13 innings after the first, was that Franklin Morales didn't throw a pitch anywhere near the strike zone to a light-hitting utility infielder with Jose Tabata, who had already homered and hit several balls with authority, looming on deck. Morales got through the first two batters of the inning with relative ease, but apparently was rattled (how many times do we have to use this word to describe this guy?) after colliding with Ty Wigginton and almost blowing a routine infield pop up but still getting the second out. He started blatantly overthrowing and walked Josh Rodriguez on four pitches, then couldn't find the zone against Tabata before laying one in there for Tabata to apparently crush to right field (I thought it looked like a pop-up off the bat at the time, but I was also pretty tired, having watched the game for five hours).

I'm probably making too much of all of this - especially this early in the season - but, in my defense, I think we're all a little worried about the fact that the Rockies' same old road offensive woes reared their ugly head last night (15 K's, the aforementioned no runs after the first inning, Carlos Gonzalez swinging at garbage). Anyway, I don't want to sit here and beat a dead horse, so I'll move on. Enjoy that beautifully-wrapped gift you received last night, Pirates. (hopefully) It won't happen again.

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