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Thursday Rockpile: Some jobs really are thankless

Carney Lansford's approach of asking the Rockies to raise their hands and solemnly swear that they'll start hitting hasn't worked so far.
Carney Lansford's approach of asking the Rockies to raise their hands and solemnly swear that they'll start hitting hasn't worked so far.

Yeah. Dave Krieger envisions the same hitting coach carousel that I have. Who's going to be next? Based on complaints about Carney Lansford sprouting up here and elsewhere, Rockies fans seem to prefer this revolving door over actually getting players that can hit onto the roster. Really there are few things that make me roll my eyes more than gripes about a coaching position that didn't even exist until the 1960's, one that supposedly should be able to cure all a team's offensive woes but never has and never will. The hitting coach, the pitching coach, even the manager are all used as scapegoats for either a poorly constructed team, or in this case simply a bad stretch by a team that's still in first place. The complaining is cringe-worthy this early in the season, especially considering that three of four players that we were looking to step up their production at the plate this season (Chris Iannetta, Seth Smith and Dexter Fowler) have done precisely that.

Batting average goes through up and down swings based on a lot of factors, not just a player's hitting ability, and sometimes it will happen to several players at once. If you want to read about this slump, Troy Renck writes something for you. The good news is that there will be stretches this season where everybody's hitting like gangbusters at once as well. Anyway, hitting is down across the MLB so far this season, but is should warm up during the summer, so will the Rockies bats given how Coors Field slumbers thus far.

Huston Street answered fan questions for the Denver Post.

Kerry Eggers of the Portland Tribune wrote an uplifting column and update on former Rockies catcher Ben Petrick, who left baseball due to symptoms of Parkinson's. After a second surgery to relieve the symptoms of the disease, Petrick appears to be in a much happier, more functional place now. 

A more recent former Rockie recalls fond days in Colorado, particularly fond days that occurred at the expense of his current team. If there were fans in San Diego that still cared about the Padres, I would advise Brad Hawpe to be careful to not too fondly reminisce over Rocktober, but he's probably safe.

The Rockies had to make some tricky roster decisions during the off season, one that's proving to be a mistake was cutting Al Alburquerque, who's finally living up to his potential with the Tigers. This sort of performance was I'm sure what Dan O'Dowd envisioned when the team traded Jeff Baker to the Cubs for the right hander, it's just come a season too late.

The Rockies Ubaldo Jimenez leads the list of surprising winless starters.